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Easy Animation Tool
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Oct 25, 2012 @ 8:56am
Feb 7, 2016 @ 7:51am
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Easy Animation Tool

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A tool that allows easy animation preview for all entities that have animations.

Information / Usage notes
A lot of useless NPC animations, like gestures, postures and all those T-pose animations, are excluded by default. There is an option to disable this.

Animations on NPCs: You must disable NPC thinking before trying to play an animation, because while thinking is enabled, NPCs will always reset any custom animations you try to play.

Animations on ragdolls: By default ragdolls are impossible to animate, because the physics engine kind of animates them. So as a workaround, I added a "Make Animatable" property for all ragdolls. If will disable physics, but will enable animations.

Animations on props: For some reason, props reset their animations. So as a workaround, I added a "Make Animatable" property for all props as well. If will disable physics, but will enable animations.

Disabling NPC Thinking: Hold C, press "NPCs" button in the menu at the top and select "Disable NPC Thinking".

Playing series of animations
You can play several animations one by one with this tool. For this you will need to select first entity, click on desired animation, configure animation options and press the Add current selection button. Do this as many times as needed. You can also add timed animations for same entity. Once you have all the animations added to the list, left click anywhere and all the animations should be played.
NOTICE: You cannot play 2 or more animations on the same entity at once!

Notice about "Add more animations" and "This animation is buggy": I DIDN'T make these animations nor I can or will add more animations. This tool gives you every animation for every model if it has any. This fully depends on the model.
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Jan 21 @ 9:28am
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[HC] Sahku
Feb 18 @ 6:43am
< >
ManDunk Feb 21 @ 8:29am 
please fix this i dont see anything in robotboy655 only the hoverboard mod
Nittis Feb 20 @ 6:35pm 
this is literally the best addon ever thank you!!!
Soldier Stripped Feb 16 @ 2:24pm 
oh sorry. can you make a nother tool where you can edit your own animaitons and then play them with muiltible models at a time(not to like import stuff and things i mean just click a bunch of models at a time)
FalloutBalgruuf Feb 12 @ 12:36pm 
hi there,
It seems that walking animation doesn't actually make the character walk... is it normal ?
foxy23kid Feb 7 @ 5:36pm 
it works on pills too
miningmaster99 Feb 5 @ 1:52pm 
and there's a video showing it, it's not your fault Rubat.
Rubat  [author] Feb 4 @ 1:52pm 
For gods sake, it is there since 2012. It has always been there. The instructions how to do it are in the tool itself, in the description on Workshop AND demonstration is in the video above.

What more do you want from me? What did I do wrong?
Soldier Stripped Feb 4 @ 1:01pm 
normally do it i ment to say that
Soldier Stripped Feb 4 @ 12:58pm 
for god sake please make it so you can animate a bunch of props at a time because im building the hl2 episode 2 citadel and i have to click on one turn the aninmation on and then keep doing it really fast. i miss what the animation looks like at the beginning.
JumpingBarista Jan 28 @ 11:50am 
Sucks that Left 4 Dead 1 or 2 ragdolls dont seem to work.