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Crayola® Creative Studio
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Oct 25, 2012 @ 8:11am
Mar 19, 2014 @ 11:04am
Ultimate Creativity with Digital Art Tools!
Crayola® Creative Studio
is a multi-purpose program combining the features of four Crayola art software titles in one program - allowing you to draw, paint, animate, photo-edit, and apply special effects. Choose from - Art Start, Art Studio, Animation Studio, or PhotoFX Studio program levels to learn digital art techniques or use the combined features at the Creative Studio level for an optimal digital creativity experience. Crayola Creative Studio was created from Core Learning's corefx Creative program, but has additional, unique program features including Crayola images, templates, and interface.

A fabulous program for ages 6 to 10 (the Art Studio can also be used by children aged 4 to 6).

TRY IT! Download a demo at:

  • Twelve realistic art tools simulating real art media
  • Hundreds of pre-set colors or mix unique colors on digital palettes
  • Over 2000 CRAYOLA art images in diverse categories including templates for planners, calendars, invitations, backgrounds, and templates to create digital art, animations, and much more!
  • Import any standard digital file
  • Export in standard file formats for use in other programs
  • Learn digital art, photo-editing, and animation techniques with fun activities in the expanded Activity Guide and animated Program Tour
  • Learn digital art, animation, and computer skills

Choose a Level!

Crayola Art Start is an easy to learn draw and paint program that targets beginner level users. The program is loaded with fun features and resources that encourage artistic exploration. Hundreds of art images and templates to customize photos or create greeting cards, invitations, planners, calendars, and more!

Crayola Art Studio provides powerful and easy to use drawing and painting tools. Select from 12 realistic art brushes including Crayola Pencils, Paints, Markers, Crayons and more! Learn to edit and transform digital images with several hundred Crayola creativity starters. Make invitations, decorations, greeting cards and much more! Adaptable to any user regardless of age, artistic ability and computer knowledge.

Crayola Animation Studio brings artwork to life! It combines sequences of images to generate moving images, using a film frame metaphor. See the previous frame as a shadow when you are drawing the current frame. Create exciting moving images in minutes.

Crayola PhotoFX Studio provides easy to use tools to edit digital photographs and add fun special effects including coloring, lightening, darkening, sharpening, and smearing. Hundreds of art images and templates to customize photos or create greeting cards, invitations, planners, calendars, and more!

System Requirements: Windows 7, Vista, XP - 256 MB RAM, 175 MB Hard Disk Space
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Hey It's Paul! Mar 25, 2016 @ 2:31am 
Why is this here? xd
Precious Sep 15, 2014 @ 6:46pm 
we dont need this -_-
gnu-male Mar 26, 2014 @ 3:15pm 
The kid on the game's thumbnail looks autistic
ShoeUnited Mar 19, 2014 @ 10:54pm 
Yes! I told you way back when you were fishing for opinions to put one of these up and to charge $15 when you asked about price. Finally getting closer and my niece will still love it. :D
Manager at Tuesday Morning® Mar 19, 2014 @ 11:54am 
Hungry Blanket Mar 8, 2014 @ 12:48pm 
8/8 m8
Space_KAdet Feb 27, 2014 @ 5:36pm 
What's with all the "not on steam" nonsense - ok it might not be for the teenagers on here, but I'm sure there are also thousands of parents on here, like myself, that would get this for their kids. My daughter is 7 and she would love this.
Jsmans89 Feb 2, 2014 @ 11:34am 
There are indeed kids on VALVE STEAM, but I don't think they would want something like this.
Lord_Tomster Jan 25, 2014 @ 2:08pm 
steam is not the best market for you.
DeatheCheshire Jan 3, 2014 @ 4:01pm 
Is this a joke? Is this really going to be on Steam? This is garbage. I can see this is for younger children, but here the average age is 13 years and older on Steam. And yes, I do know theree are younger children on Steam, but there aren't enough of them for this program to be of use or desire. Also those children are probably already exposed to more entertaining games on here and wouldn't want to waste their time with this. Wrong target market here. Also, if I would have a child and I wanted to involve them in art or design I certainly wouldn't use some cheap Crayola program.