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Deity Link's Dota 2 Ragdolls
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Oct 25, 2012 @ 3:19am
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Deity Link's Dota 2 Ragdolls

Includes the following ragdolls:

-Yurnero the Juggernaut (with his sword and healing ward)
-Rattletrap the Clockwerk (with his wrench and rocket)
-Tequoia the Nature's Prophet aka "Furion" (with his staff, treants, and shades)
-Pudge the Butcher (with his hook and cleaver)
-Invoker, whose name is Carl (with Quas, Wex, Exort, and his Forge Spirits)
-Mogul Khan, the Axe (with his axe, duh)
-Tidehunter (with his anchor and fish)
-Kunkka (with Tidebringer, his telescope, and his ship)
-Skeleton King (with his sword)
-Sven (with his sword)
-Sniper (with his Rifle)
-Sand King (with...nothing?)
-and Roshan (with Aegis and Cheese)

I haven't planned to produce collisions models for the remaining heroes. This may change in the future.
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add arc warden please, I want to make a "PLZ BUFF ME" video about him.
H2ODelirious Jul 26 @ 5:25am 
add night stalker
Courtney (⚡Ştormwolf⌇) May 2 @ 10:53pm 
Can you update that Tidebringer? It will need an bodygroup for this with that water enchantement and without it.
Harmuzad Apr 18 @ 7:23am 
Please i beg of you, make Nyx...PLEEEEASE!
Shockwave1337 Apr 9 @ 10:06pm 
maybe you could make the arc warden...that would be sick
I cant find them ;_;
♥iﬣvO Mar 1 @ 1:41am 
Can you think about making these into playermodels?
i need invoker :(
Shockwave1337 Feb 23 @ 8:09pm 
so when will this new update be sent?
kennedi.1994/S/ Feb 15 @ 4:16am 
Arbiter Feb 14 @ 2:24pm 
Can you think about making these into playermodels?