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Homestuck Playset
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Oct 24, 2012 @ 2:25pm
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Homestuck Playset

Looking for HERO MODE?: Homestuck Playset 2 (Beta) is now available!

Player models and goodies based on the characters and content from the webcomic MS Paint Adventures!

Don't hesitate to contact me on Twitter (@BabyFawnLegs) or tumblr (BabyFawnLegs[babyfawnlegs.tumblr.com]) with your comments, questions, problems and the like!

Console Commands

hs_autorp 0/1 - When set to 1, players' chat text is automatically coloured and quirks are added.
hs_bots 0/1 - When set to 1, bots will spawn as Homestuck characters.
hs_revive 0/1 - When set to 1, players can be revived after dying.
hs_classlimits 0/1 - When set to 1, there cannot be more than one of the same character.
hs_changeclass - Return to the class screen. Can also include a character name (Example: hs_changeclass terezi).
hs_hug - Invite players to hug you. Press USE to hug players that have their arms outstretched!
hs_drop - Drop your current weapon or item.
hs_holster - Hide your current weapon or item.
hs_taunt - Taunt.

Chat Commands

/changeclass - Return to the class screen. Can also include a character name (Example: /changeclass terezi).

Source Filmmaker

Source Filmmaker-compatible versions of the models can be downloaded here:
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whitepik101 11 hours ago 
whitepik101 11 hours ago 
when i open hs_changeclass it kills me and empties my default things like physgun and crowbar etc. and crashes my game :o(
BabyFawnLegs  [author] 17 hours ago 
Level 68 Cat Wizard 18 hours ago 
Well, I was being hotheaded. I cleared up some of my mods and I'm trying it again. Thanks for the quick reply, I rarely see that kind of stuff. c:
BabyFawnLegs  [author] 18 hours ago 
Maybe you have another addon that conflicts with it, Cat Wizard... I think it's kind of unfair to call it a game-breaking mod, as you're the first person to tell me of this problem.
Level 68 Cat Wizard 18 hours ago 
I installed this mod thinking that it would be cool. All that happens is my Gmod closes when loading is finished with no error messages. I'm so pissed off about this, considering that it only happens when I install this gamebreaking mod.
BabyFawnLegs  [author] Apr 19 @ 10:05am 
I'm sorry I have no idea what hotbar is or what you mean
whitepik101 Apr 19 @ 1:11am 
4ny 20lutiion2 t0 my pr0bl3m?????????????
Nevermind, the option was in Preferences. Thanks anyway.
Hello, great addon, it's amazing! :) I have a question, is it possible to use a quirk from the Playset 1 while having a playermodel from de Playset #2?