Garry's Mod

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Oct 24, 2012 @ 12:48pm
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In 1 collection by SuspiciouslyAwesome @ GDC Europe
Freakrules' Mappack
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4 different Islands
All Buildings detailed & enterable
Big watersurface & airspace
AI- Noding optimal NPC-Pathfinding
HDR- compiled
Several Eastereggs (...inducing zombie traumata. Well, you'll see...)
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Jul 2 @ 12:03am
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JacksPlays Jul 1 @ 6:28am 
Uno de los mapas mas bonitos :3
HeartsDesire Jun 29 @ 7:46am 
@sɲöω ★ my friend & I went into the cave... he shot around... real zombie
this was the first map i downloaded from toybox, back in gmod 10. i've always loved it
tvorwith May 31 @ 5:18pm 
To whoever this may concern: Please tell me all the eastereggs and where they are.
sɲöω ★ May 15 @ 3:03pm 
Lol, I just found the zombie easteregg. I went into the cave and found the light. I went "Oh, there's a button. Wonder what it does." And I pressed it. The lights turned off, it was pitch black and I heard a zombie. Right as I heard it's attacking noise I noped myself out of there with noclip. Btw, is that an actual zombie, or was it just zombie noises? I couldn't see so idk.
Dionysor Apr 15 @ 10:31am 
This is so fancy, I need a second monocle.
jules_in_jax Apr 5 @ 5:23pm 
Some suggestions for easter eggs.
A crashed Combine Gunship in the Ocean
A hidden cave with a campfire and a couple corpses
Make it nighttime by pressing a button, this makes zombines and zombies spawn.
A sunken WWII Tiger Tank
A dead Hunter (From HL2:Ep2)
The old HEV suit charger faceplate in a house somewhere
Another crashed Combine Dropship & Container in the ocean
A destroyed Hunter-Chopper imbedded in the cliff near the Church.

I would really like to see the Gunship, HL2 Hunter, Hunter-Chopper,the Dropship, and the Tank, please!
Toffeemies Mar 26 @ 7:46am 
missing textures under water... why?
[Pancake] Dueler54 Feb 23 @ 10:17am 
When I saw there was a zombie jumpscaare I was like O_O THen I ended up running into the cave and switching of the light... I was sccared shitless about nothing, I wasn't scared when it appearred
-=(BVM)=- Lusty | ZtG Jan 30 @ 4:05pm 
iv found his name and his zombie thing but is there mire?