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[Official] Precision Tool
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Oct 24, 2012 @ 12:32pm
Sep 7, 2014 @ 1:57am
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[Official] Precision Tool

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Formerly 'Easy Precision', this tool allows exact movement of objects for accurate building. Push/pull, rotate, and snap props together at specific distances.


The Gihub Repository is synced with the workshop version

Precision Tool[github.com]


Git Clone Link :

Svn Checkout Link: Will not open in a webbrowser!!

The grid is NOT part of this tool, it is part of Smart Snap

Check the Change Log discussion for changes

If you are having issues, It is probable that your server or the server you play on has an outdated tool or is not using the official version. If you are experiencing errors, please Please post them in the bug reports Discussion! We match up versions from the line locations and theres nothing we can do about them if we dont know whats wrong!

Please dont leave bug reports in the comments! Use the new discussion for bugs!



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[XTT] General Wrex
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triklan May 15 @ 10:45pm 
Hey yea so my precision pull wont work and ive tried alot of things, just message me how to fix it please, cause im unable to build and shit
[HFG] Lord Tyler May 8 @ 10:14am 
This is used on the Hammerfall Gamings Kingdom Roleplay server, which has custom mining, crafting, smelting, smithing, forging, farming, logging, leveling and so much more.
We have a custom melee system with blocking, working shields & better armor that actually makes armor worth having.
You can check this out by following this link to directly join:
Or just connect simply with our IP:
If you want to see a quick overview of what our server has to offer, then check out
_Billy Apr 21 @ 5:57pm 
The new gmod update messed the tool up, it doesn't show up in game.
MeowsGG Apr 11 @ 8:57pm 
A server keeps discoencting me because it has this addon installed. Wondering if you know why.
[XTT] General Wrex  [author] Mar 29 @ 9:53pm 
Its in the description >.> >>> The grid is NOT part of this tool, it is part of Smart Snap
anged16 Mar 28 @ 5:44am 
Is it this or another mod where the pointer snaps to the grid?
Musnicker Mar 26 @ 9:31pm 
This addon is part of Grox Gaming: Kingdom RP
A game where you can be a Knight, King, a Bard, to a Wizard. HAIL TO THE KINGDOM
The Alexander Aaron Feb 20 @ 11:55am 
I have a simple question, I downloaded this super addon on build server and its great, so i wanna build in SP too but i dunno why but its not appeating in "q" menu in singleplayer can some one explain me why ? i get this addon problem with adv_dupilcator too
I even try unsubsribe, delete and redownload it all but same situation

Thanks for respond :)
Umbreon™ Feb 13 @ 6:56pm 
I don't understand. I use the move (or weld) precision tools, but when i try to rotate it so it's perfectly precise, it snaps at other points where it isn't precise at all. I even tried changing the "Snap Distance" bar around to test, and i get the exact same results. I also tried moving a prop with the precision move tool first, then trying to use the same tool with another prop onto the first. Same exact result, the props aren't precise at all.
Sayuri Feb 13 @ 5:29am 
There is fuzz cases (completely random inputs) where this tool crashes the server. Whenever a person new to garrys mod checks out the tool, they shoot random things including the level and click on random settings for the tool. When doing this, the server crashes. Is there some way to log the timestamp and settings for the tool? Then I could start finding out what usage(s) are crashing the server... or if it is even Precision tool at all. I'm only saying this because the server has been crashing after a person new to gmod starts randomly shooting things with the tool.