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[Official] Precision Tool
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Oct 24, 2012 @ 12:32pm
Jul 23, 2013 @ 5:24pm
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Precision Tool Official

Workshop Version: 0.98

Formerly 'Easy Precision', this tool allows exact movement of objects for accurate building. Push/pull, rotate, and snap props together at specific distances.


The Git will always be updated before the workshop, may be a few seconds or even a few days!

Github Page:
Precision Tool[github.com]

Git Clone Link :


Svn Checkout Link: Will not open in a webbrowser!!


Version Zips: Remember that you have to re-download these after an update!!
Latest Version[github.com]

Version 0.98 Branch[github.com]
Version 0.97 Branch[github.com]

Check the Change Note section for changes

The grid is NOT part of this tool, it is part of Smart Snap

Known Issues

[Precision Tool] lua/weapons/gmod_tool/stools/precision.lua:436: attempt to call field 'Create' (a nil value)
This error randomly happens when using any feature that involves prop manipulation and a fix cannot be found, however it is not interfearing with the operation of the tool so just ignore it. ( It has to do with the undo.Create function, but it still registers it and allows you to undo )

If you are having issues, It is probable that your server or the server you play on has an outdated tool or is not using the official version. If you are experiencing errors, please copy and paste them into a comment box. We match up versions from the line locations and theres nothing we can do about them if we dont know whats wrong! So dont leave comments that its erroring without some proof! Please dont report errors that are in the known issues section, it just clutters up the chat!
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DerBardo Jul 5 @ 7:24am 
I've downloaded this tool but tool modes 7, 8, 9 and 10 are missing, what's the problem?
Beneath The Sink Jun 21 @ 8:33pm 
does this work like the old Easy Weld tool used to work ? that was like the best tool for building bases quickly and precisely, and i cant seem to find it anywhere :|
[PsyM] General Wrex  [author] Jun 12 @ 8:09pm 
@TokyoRoyalty It looks for whatever is bound to Reload. bind "r" "+reload" replace r with whatever key you want to assign to reload.
TokyoRoyalty Jun 12 @ 4:23pm 
How do you rebind keys? I bound the r key to something and now the precision tool can't pull things.
[LB]-Da Bomba Lobsta Jun 8 @ 3:21am 
does anyone else get a graphical glitch where the whole screen seems to blend together with this? and if so anyone fixed it? and if not anyone know what causes it? and if no fixes or anyone has issues different versions? and if no diff versions diff addon i can use for mirroring?
Shadow Hunter Jun 6 @ 11:56am 
I've subscribed but theres no Precision option in the constraints. Btw very useful mod
[PsyM] General Wrex  [author] Jun 4 @ 4:03pm 
@Cuboidium Uncheck the nocollide option to prevernt that ^.^ Also make sure entire contraption mode is unchecked.
derekmitchell677 May 28 @ 4:28pm 
For some reason when i use the rotate mode it does not allow me to rotate, or even look somehwere else for that matter.
Cuboidium May 25 @ 2:25am 
I like this tool, but I don't like the fact it constantly noclips all my stuff together. It makes the tool unusable because of that.
[PsyM] General Wrex  [author] May 22 @ 9:42am 
It's Garrysmod, you'd have to parent the props to stop that.