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Harsh Nature v3.2
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Oct 23, 2012 @ 1:35pm
Sep 12, 2014 @ 2:14am
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Harsh Nature v3.2

Harsh Nature v3.2

Requirements: official DLCs Dawnguard and Dragonborn

Do you think cooking food is futile in the game ? You didn't even notice you had a disease, until someone commented the way you look ? Nothing to worry about in the nature (bears, sabrecats etc), they aren't even near match for you ?

This mod fixes the situation. And this also

- makes diseases dangerous and makes many creatures even more dangerous
- adds 9 new diseases + medicine potions for every disease (cure disease -potion to cure all)
- cure poison -potion cures frostbite spider's poison and chaurus poison
- cure disease -potions can be bought from merchants, found from loots etc. (they are quite rare)
- when having multiple diseases curing even one of them will remove blurry vision
- displays diseases and poisons clearly in active effects
- shrines doesn't cure diseases anymore
- blessings from shrines last longer (was 8 hours, is 10 days now)
- adds inflict disease -ability to many creatures
- poison damages (from creatures, traps) last longer
- animals no longer have valuable items (why should animals have gold or gems) to loot
- races have reduced resistances for cold, magic, poison
- races have reduced healing rate
- makes bears, sabrecats, trolls, giants and wolfs act like enemies to each other
- foxes hate chickens (Riverwood has its own fox problem)
- diseases may make blurry vision to character and poisoning shows as a green glow
- 2 new spells to cure diseases and 3 new spells to cure poison/venom
- baked/cooked foods give bigger boosts (it's no more useless to cook foods)
- added more wispmothers to the Skyrim
- spiders have poison bite and venom spit (both can be cured)
- chauruses have poison bite and spit, which can be cured with cure poison -potion or with a spell

=== New spells

- Cure Chaurus Poison
- Cure Frostbite Poison
- Cure Frostbite Venom
- Cure And Heal
- Cure Other

=== Diseases, old modified and new ones:

Allergy : damages alchemy 100 points
- mudcrabs, foxes, wolves, mammoths, falmers

Ataxia : damages lockpicking & pickpocket skills 50 points
- skeevers, draugrs

Bone Break Fever : damages stamina 80 points
- bears, draugrs

Brain Rot : damages magicka 1000 points
- skeevers, hagravens, black bears

Cough : damages sneak & speech skills 50 points
- large & giant frost spiders, draugrs, wisps, frost trolls

Finger Rot: damages archery and smithing skills 90 points
- horkers, slaughterfishes, mudcrabs, mammoths

Flu : lowers disease resistance
- frost spiders, snow bears, snow sabrecats, icewraiths, frost trolls, wisps

Itch : damages heavy & light armor skills 100 points
- skeevers, small frostbite spiders, foxes, wolves, falmers

Lycanthropy : Ability to transform into a Werewolf, "hidden" disease (no blurry vision)
- from the quest

Mux : damages alteration and illusion 100 points
- falmers, dwarven spiders, dragons

Rattles : stamina regenerates slower
- chauruses, draugrs

Rockjoint : damages melee weapon skills 60 points
- foxes, wolf spirits, wolves

Sangunaire Vampiris : damages health, progress to vampirism, "hidden" disease (no blurry vision)
- vampires

Traxia : damages restoration and enchanting 100 points
- draugrs, chaurus reapers, wisp shades, skeleton necrorace

Witbane : damages magicka and healing regeneration
- skeevers, sabrecats, draugrs

Wolm : damages destruction and conjuration skills 100 points
- draugrs (magic race only), spriggans

Xanaria : damages strength 300 points
- trolls, spriggan matrons, skeevers, magical draugrs, chauruses

Traps inflict diseases regardless of your resistance for diseases. Animals inflict diseases occationally. Poisons you buy/make yourself work as they worked before, this mod doesn't boost poisons generally.

Trying to keep balance in the game.

=== About the mod

Tuned Skyrim a little bit harder for those, who have leveled enough to notice nature isn't so tough anymore... Starting game (from level 1) with this mod enabled may turn wild nature into place you least wanna go wandering.

=== Main reasons for this mod

I didn't like the fact that items (such as gold or gems) can be found when looting dead animals corpses. Also, poisons didn't affect me much in the vanilla game, nor the diseases. They were all too weak, so had to improve them. Made poison effects last longer (just to make them annoying) and diseases really show now in stats.

=== Tips

New spells can be learned from the books that are placed in the Arcanaeum, in College of Winterhold.

There's a new book called "Cooking with Balbus" which can be bought from merchants. Somebody from Rorikstead owns a copy of that book also.

There's also a new book called "Animal kingdom" which can be found from a cave located next to alchemist's shack, southwest from Ivarstead. This book reveals facts about animals and creatures, levels etc. in which they are.

Never go wandering into the (harsh) nature without cure/heal potions, or you might end up dead. Casting a cure spell consumes lots of mana.

=== Big changes

This mod edits ingredients effects so that it's not possible anymore for player to make Cure disease -potions.

Cure poison- and Cure disease -potions are quite rare and valuable, only way to get them is buy them. Or have good luck when looting chests. When you have luck to find them, better get and stock 'em.
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Obinsky Aug 15, 2016 @ 3:02am 
I like the idea of this mod.
kkilljjoy Jan 2, 2016 @ 5:23pm 
@i73Fi Yup, I've got two cure disease potions on my top shelf in my house. Diseases in the normal game are just an annoyance, most mods make it easier to ignore them, rather than fixing them.
i73Fi  [author] Jan 1, 2016 @ 5:18am 
@kkilljjoy yep, deadly wildlife forces to think and plan. Better confront with aid of others, or not to confront at all if possible. Use magic to retain or distract wildlife, even for a moment. Illusion magic maybe? And medical potions become biggest treasures there is! And the prices of the potions forces player to actually spend time making money.

I can image playerhouse where cure disease potions are as trophies on the shelves, instead of exotic armor or weapons ;)
kkilljjoy Dec 31, 2015 @ 2:57pm 
@i73Fi I get that, and it is very fun, exciting, and difficult. I am glad to see a mod that forces the player to think, rather than flailing around until everything dies. It's just that some low level quests require you to confront the wildlife, and having to wait until level 7 in order to take on Bleak Falls Barrow is a little annoying, but I love the mod and thank you for making it. Having a companion really helps though, and I'm glad this mod makes companions so much more helpful (which I guess was the intent?)
i73Fi  [author] Dec 31, 2015 @ 6:14am 
@kkilljjoy this mod is insanely difficult, forces player to make choices they normally would not even consider. Like keeping away from the forests and wilderness with low level character, maybe even travel only with caravans. Sneaking may also prove to be good option. By selecting higher difficulty level for the game you also add more difficulty to this mod. If someone uses this mod with master of legendary difficulty I'd like to see is it even possible to stay alive encounter with wolves :D

I'd probably use town guards and other NPCs to kill wolves and trolls with low level character. Or sneak past them. Some kind of plan certainly needed, direct fight just would not work.

Difficulty has been controversy from the start, but I prefer things the way they are. For those who want insane difficulty will certainly get it :)
kkilljjoy Dec 31, 2015 @ 4:06am 
@i73Fi so I started a new playthrough and keep getting one hit by wolves, they also have alot of health. I understand that "RUN THE HELL AWAY" is what this mod is about, but level scaleing might need some tweeking. Was playing on adept difficulty btw. It kinda gets in the way of some early quests which force you to kill things like wolves and even trolls. still love it though.
kkilljjoy Aug 24, 2015 @ 7:49pm 
I think it's all good :)
kkilljjoy Aug 24, 2015 @ 7:47pm 
@i73Fi Well I'm a werewolf now, and I haven't gotten any more diseases, sooo... check? If you classified them as diseases, I think they'll work normally.
i73Fi  [author] Aug 24, 2015 @ 9:58am 
@kkilljjoy not sure, I haven't tried those. I didn't exclude any races from diseases tho :)
kkilljjoy Aug 22, 2015 @ 7:46pm 
@i73Fi - Are you immune to the new diseases if you are a werewolf or vampire? I've seen alot of mods that modify nature. Most are, unfortunately, incompatable with werewolf/vampire characters.