Legend of Grimrock

Legend of Grimrock

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Back into the Dungeon
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Oct 23, 2012 @ 10:02am
Nov 2, 2013 @ 2:51am
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Back into the Dungeon

Dungeon Master - Remake - v 2.2

skills sheet,
items, skills, creatures, spells, champions etc..

Dungeon Master Maps

video in english
video in french

! Ice magic is disable ! You won't be able to use ice as a mage.

Graphics (items, wallset) by Germanny.
Portraits by Torsten von Nerdbot www.meteorfactory.com

Mummy and worms by wallasaurus
Red dragon by FrEEsiD
Beholder and skeleton_sword by leki
Water particles by neikun

GMT by john Wordsworth
Animation editor by Xanathar
Dungeon Master Builder v0.85.mu by Sphenx
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Overmind77 Aug 20 @ 11:09am 
Thanks for the help! So in the end the keyhole was not ruby, I tought I lost a door or secret, and the guardian was the boss. I missed 3 treasure but I'll try and get them! Good conversion of the game!
Comscript  [author] Aug 19 @ 11:40am 
Overmind77 Aug 15 @ 5:39am 
How do I get past level 13? There is that damn immortal guardian running around! Have also Master Key and Ruby Key but missing doors for them...
lori May 15 @ 4:57am 
Ok,dont had the latest version,so the message dont appear
now it works
Is it 100% DM?
Comscript  [author] May 13 @ 9:48am 
Create your normal Grimrock's chars and then during the game, go to the wall message 'hall of champions', move one step , the message "change for DM champions?" appears, click ok.
then goes to the portraits and click one of the 4 colored button to choose the emplacement of the char.
lori May 13 @ 7:20am 
hello,i cant delete my party and play with original characters--how can i do this?
Plaag Apr 9 @ 7:12am 
Good mod, much good. Somethings just doesn't work as they should. Fex. single charactering doesn't work, since you'll have to be able to do zokathra spell. The spawning system when playing on hard is really too fast in lvl 11 when there's multiple wasp generators around. Well you could just choose another door, but the wasps are too powerful on hard. Btw. you are able to assassinate the "boss" gnorlock, just make a character with 50lvl assasination and backstab it end of game without staff ;)... also you were missing the event if you bring the firestaff all the way to the beginning to the lvl1 there should be something like the "bad ending"

On the character selection, if it would be possible it would be nice to pickup a character with similiar stats as Toorum, so he could do spells and melee.

Anyway 8/10
VassI Apr 5 @ 10:28pm 
Thank you so much.
Comscript  [author] Mar 12 @ 4:50am 
click the subscribe button.
start legend of grimrock.
choose custom dungeon and "back into the dungeon."
madgamer2 Mar 9 @ 2:46pm 
stupid question I am subscribed member but I do not find ant way to dowload the game or start playing a little help for an old guy would be nice