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The Dark Brotherhood Resurrection: Part 1
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Oct 23, 2012 @ 2:51am
Apr 24, 2013 @ 9:48pm
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The Dark Brotherhood Resurrection: Part 1

This mod adds a 4+ hour-long campaign to the end of the Dark Brotherhood Questline.

2 new Followers, fully voice acted and specially scripted for sneaky assassin players:

Averna - will hide in the shadows when you are sneaking. If you sneak attack, she will stay invisible and avoid aggro. Get back up on your feet and she will spring from the void to smite your enemies!

Stabby - Stabby will actively try to perform sneak attacks while you are sneaking. He also has mysterious abilities that kick into place when either he or the player are near death.

These two new followers will appear in the Dawnstar Sanctuary shortly after the end of the Dark Brotherhood Questline. Stabby has Unfinished Death Contracts from Bruma. Averna needs your help performing a dark ritual. Both are hiding something while a sinister new enemy arises and attacks the Dark Brotherhood!

This mod also adds random conversations to the Dawnstar Sanctuary. I personally missed hearing these stories, now you can hear Averna, Stabby, Nazir and Babette discuss some of their most memorable death contracts!

22 New Quests!
6 New Death Contracts - kill the most powerful men in Skyrim.
6 New Words of Power!
3 New Magic Spells!
2 Unique Dungeons.
Poisoned Apples - Everyone's favorite fruit from Oblivion returns with a new twist!
Argonian Black Rum - Makes everyone happy!
And the Biggest, Most Ridiculously massive hoard of treasure you've ever seen in skyrim!

This is NOT a work in progress. It is 100% complete. I will not be adding any new content to this mod, though I will be supporting bug fixes.
This mod has been my passion project for the last half year. I ran myself ragged working on two game projects, stretched my voice actress to her limits, and almost developed a drinking habit so that someone on the internet might some day play my mod and enjoy themselves.
I really hope you take just a moment to try it out, my eternal gratitude to all of those who do!

Send Questions/Comments/Bug Reports to:

If for some reason you get stuck playing this mod, check out the full walkthrough on the official wiki[]

NOTE: If for some reason, you don't want to play the Dark Brotherhood questline to try this mod, there is a shortcut:
To skip to the end of the dark brotherhood quest:
1) Type 'SetStage DB11 0'
2) Wait a few seconds for the messages to stop
3) Follow the quest until you talk to nazir and he mentions going to the DawnStar Sanctuary
4) Either finish the last dark brotherhood quest (it ties into the mod backstory) or leave the sanctuary and then type 'setstage DB11 80'
5) After talking to Nazir in the Dawnstar Sanctuary, leave and re-enter, the mod should now start

Special Thanks
Members of the Creation Kit Forum
The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages
TimeGate Studios Inc.
Joe Wallace - video editor
Check out my other mod, The Rabbit Hole

Check out my Developer Blog[]

This mod is now available on Skyrim Nexus[]

version 1.2 (revision3) features NavMesh bug fix, fixes some players not being able to start the mod, also fixes stabby not following the player.

version 1.3 (Revision 4) , fixes NPB bug where final boss was unkillable for some players

version 1.4 (Revision 5) Fixes the final dungeon quest marker not pointing to the correct location. Also renamed 'Diamond Dragon claw' to 'Yuvon's Diamond Dragon Claw' to avoid confusion with the vanilla skyrim version.

version 1.5 (Revision 6)
+ Fixed Captain ShadowScale teleporting player before they get the quest to kill him
+ Fixed Stabby not taking the quest item from player's inventory
+ Added sanity check to make Averna vulnerable during ritual scene, so strange people who somehow made her invulnerable can finish the quest
+ Fixed dialogue during final boss battle so users cannot be stuck and unable to continue
+ Fixed stabby's dialogue so he no longer mentions the last contract after it's been completed
+ Changed lock on Abandoned Silver Mine to be master level

version 1.6 (Revision 7)
+ Removed broken 'breton race' that caused a floating head at the character creation screen
+ Compressed all Dialogue into .fuz files, reduces mod size by %80
+ All characters should now move their mouths when they speak
+ Added back all the dialogue that was cut to meet upload size limit

version 1.8 (Revision 9)
+ Manual clean of esp with TES5Edit
+ Fixed Captain Shadowscale appearing and assaulting the player before they get quest to kill him
+ Removed tharstens overpowered shout
- Generated SEQ file
- fixed portal errors in Ranmir's cave
- allowed player to more options to complete Tharstens quest
+ Fixed issue with Digging Deeper objective not completing
- possible fix for Bounty on High not completing
+ Fixed 'Bounty on High' bug where stabby wouldn't show up under the bridge around 8pm

version 1.9 (Revision 10)
+ Increased the chances of unlocking Averna's 3rd shout
+ Fixed Averna Script so she is less likely to cause CTD during combat or Ritual
+ Fixed Averna and Stabby showing up too early in the sanctuary and calling the player 'listener'
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