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Diamond Weapon Smithing: Archery
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Oct 22, 2012 @ 2:25pm
May 4, 2013 @ 9:29am
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Diamond Smithing Collection
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Gemstone Bows and Arrows, Improved and streamlined for tactical destruction. Rain down elemental fury upon your enemies and leave the battlefield smoldering in your wake with all new Explosive Gemstone Arrows.!!!

Also avaliable:
Diamond Weapon Smithing 1.5 (Swords, Daggers, and Shields)
Diamond Weapon Smithing 2.0 (Axes, Warhammers, Maces, Halberd, and Spears)
Diamond Smithing: Crossbows ~Dawnguard Required~
Diamond Smithing: Light Armor
Diamond Smithnig: Heavy Armor
All mods can be used independently but are intended as one giant mod, that's just too big for Steam. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Craftable at the forge. Each Gem type is unlocked as you progress at smithing.
-Sapphire=Advanced Armor(Steel)/Orcish
-Diamond=Dragonbone(Dawngaurd)***{Dawngaurd is not required}***

Update 1.1 [11/7/12]
-added soul trap arrow, unlocked with arcane blacksmith perk, requires grand soul gem to craft
-Enchanted Garnet Arrow: 50% chance to stagger, if the target is already staggered 50% chance to knockback. (If you have Power Shot archery perk there is a chance that the effects will combine for an instant knockback)
-Enchanted Fury Arrow: Illusion perks like rage and master mind increas the effectiveness
-Enchanted Ruby Arrow: 10 points of fire dmg, 25%chance to stagger, hazard lasts 10 seconds
-Enchanted Sapphire Arrow: 15 points of frost dmg, 25% chance to freeze, hazard lasts 10 seconds
-Enchanted Emerald Arrow: 20 points poison dmg, 25% chance to paralize, hazard lasts 15 seconds
-Enchanted Diamond Arrow: 25 points shock dmg, +Ench Garnet effect, hazard lasts 15 seconds
-fixed incorrect perk assignments on the sapphire bow

[Changes from Diamond Weapon Smithing 1.5]
-redesigned bow
-added bows for all gem types
-added light effects to all arrows to make them easier to locate arrows that missed their target
-added Enchanted Elemental arrow
{You can now use flawless gems plus another rare ingredient to make Enchanted Arrow}
~Garnet= Concussive Blast (Knocks enemies back)
~Amethyst= Fury (Target attacks anything in sight for 60 seconds)
~Ruby= Fire Damage (leaves fire hazard for 30 seconds)
~Sapphire= Ice (chance to freezes target in ice, leaves Blizzard hazard for 30 seconds)
~Emerald= Poison Damage (chance to paralyze target, leaves poison gas hazard for 30 seconds)
~Diamond= Shock Damage (Knocks enemies back, leaves shock hazard for 30 seconds)

[Smithing Cost]
Bow - Flawless Gem, Firewood X2, Leather Strips, Gold Ingot
Arrow X50 - Gem, Firewood
Enchanted Arrows X50 - Flawless Gem, Firewood, + one of the following
(Giants Toe, Glowing Mushroom, Fire Salts, Frost Salts, Swamp Fungal Pod, Void Salts)

[Special Thanks to]
Bethesda, of course!!! and {4TW} Our Hero Niko, for inspiration and consultation. <Check out his new magic overhaul in the workshop>
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linkasome1 Aug 14 @ 12:04pm 
which one glows yellow
godsglorygirl Aug 13 @ 9:51pm 
please don't remove this mod and put it on the nexus. (Damn I hate when they do that)
linkasome1 Aug 13 @ 8:41pm 
enchanted ruby arrow id?
xTDR_GhoastzZx Aug 11 @ 6:12am 
nice mod have just started an archer character and was looking for a high res bow with lore friendly stats
MarshMallowShark Aug 3 @ 6:19pm 
does it work with all DLC's?
The Weather Man Jul 9 @ 8:41pm 
where can i craft the bow?
IamDaBoss Jul 3 @ 12:29pm 
sapje16 Jun 26 @ 3:11am 
alright ty for the quick reply <3
UberSmaug  [author] Jun 25 @ 5:05pm 
@sapje16 The arrows exist in two states. As ammo, such as when in your inventory or dropped in the world. Or as a projectile, spell effects are applied to the projectiles only, which are spawned and swapped for the ammo model when you fire the arrow. The screenshots are taken very quickly after releasing the bow. Ideally, I too would like the effect to start once the bow is drawn but I'm not much of a programmer and lack the scripting skills to do so. You would need some way to identify when the bow was at full draw, and add a third arrow state for that instance. I'm not even sure the CK or Engine would allow for that, at least not without modifications beyond my knowledge.
sapje16 Jun 25 @ 6:22am 
i cant get the spell effect glow when i draw my bow any sugestions how to fix it?