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Skyrim More Creature and Monster mod
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Oct 15, 2012 @ 5:18pm
Feb 4, 2013 @ 5:40pm
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Skyrim More Creature and Monster mod

Adds Many new types of monsters and creatures, adds them to the leveling system to make the game a whole lot harder. This is a work in progess and many updates are made becuase sometimes i edit the modle or texture of custom creatures ive made to make them more realstic or better looking, so there are many changes

-Wraith, 2 types
-Faded wraith, 2 types
-Gloom wraith
-Haunting phantom
-Tree ent,not done,
-Nature spirt,2 types
-Dark spirt
-snowy kitty
-dorus,not done
-Bloody skeleton
-Water atronach
-Flame wraith
-Fallen hero
-Fallen soul
-liviing corpse-burnt draugr
-Deathless spirt
-Soul antronach
-ogre, pic will be avialble soon
-Frost giant
-Fire giant
-New centions, bronze,frozen,steel
-Ethereal wolf
-Shadow wolf
-and many more being added
-Necro Lich
-Necro Wraith
-Nether Lich
-Falmer Zombies
-Dwemer Skeletons
-bone antronach goelms
-Hell Dogs
-skeleton mages
-Lich of Death
-Fallen Dragon Warrior
-Fallen Dragon Mage
-Keeper of Shadows
-Bone Lich
-Vile Dwemer Centuions
-Elemental Types of Dwarven Centiuons, spiders, Spheres
-Draugr Wolf
-Root troll

-more diversty
-eletric wraith
-nature atronach
-fix treant
-more spawn points
-nightmare trolls
-cyclops, 2 types
-magma antronach
-death wraith
-water dragons
-storm dragons
-more druagr types
-frost nagas
-fire nagas
-storm nagas
-death nagas
-flame ogre
-draugr spirt
-shadow atronach
-draugr wolf
-storm spirt
-harpy men
-sea serpant
-drakes 5 kinds
-falmeric beast
-abomintions, 2 types
-some bug fixes
-increase diffculty
-lich, nether and normal
-zombie lord
-eletric wolf
-hill giant
-new giant weapons
-dwemer werewolf(mechinal)
-dwemer falmer(mechinal too)
-undead falmer
-undead giant
-daedric giant
-daedric werewolf
-Storm Giant

the creatures are being put into the leveling system but you may not see all of them becuase it can be rare

by the way monster ideas are still being made. give some tho too :)

the pics are from riverwood i just sapwned them to get a quick and easy picture, sorry for the dark spirt it doesnt show right in the picture ill fix that so i will take a new one, changing where i take pics

later on there will be a link to the gallery of the monsters so you dont have to flip throught the pages, :)

Plz tell me if i need to work on some of the creatures right now, and tell if there spawning and subscribe

tools used, nifscope,creation kit,blender,gimp

Nexus version:

Comflicts: any mod thats changes the armor wraiths are wearing. causes crash problems.
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Funny soon as I spawned in at my save a spawned next to a level 70 hell dog....2 of 'em....And now I cant get away without cheating....
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Not a bad mod but need work because I got some weird issues. Little kitty just run off instead of fighting or stand still ( you get yourself set in combat )? Skeleton weird web stresh graphical error.
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the nightmere is invisible exept for the fire help plz
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if you want some insperation for mpnsters look at a book called a practical guide to monsters a lot of these would be a cool fit to skyrim
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G54-2201 May 8 @ 1:31pm 
To those that have game crashes try running loot and TESV Edit, make sure you have the latest version of SKSE, make sure it's not a memory issue that was causing the problem, make sure you didn't have a crap load of scripts running in the background, and always make sure to check the plugins tab of NMM to see if any mods or esp's/esm's are missing. If you use MO run skyrim, wait for all files to sync, and close the launcher. See if MO says the "Zuzug's Monster Madness.esp" is in your overwrite file. That's the only place I had problem with the mod, and really 80% of steam mods. I personally use NMM but if you use MO it just might not want to play nice with the steam mods.
G54-2201 May 8 @ 1:26pm 
I gotta say after having this mod in my load order with 250-255 mods at all times almost as well as the immersive creatures and monster mod I had zero issues. My only little nitpick is that when the skeleton spawns from ths mod die their clothes stay stuck to the bones and then they wind up stretching like a rubber band xD Namely in the labyrinth.
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