Portal 2

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Light in darkness

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Light in darkness

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.sheridan .vespo Oct 16, 2012 @ 9:29am 
More thoughts (comment length limit):
- If you could accidentally get a cube or sphere into an area, where you can't reach it anymore, then a respawn button - or a spawn button for that matter - makes sense, but if there is absolutely no way of losing your cubes, then it seems odd to have to push a button first to get it. (I know, there is blue gel, but I recommended to remove it)
- Add more portal surfaces. Walking is annoying.
- The design of your map is none. Look at some good maps for design ideas. Take this one for example.

Killing the turrets was interesting and a little challenge, especially the upper one. Also the intended(?) solution with all the cubes.
You have potential, but also a lot to learn. Keep going and ask for criticism to help your work.
.sheridan .vespo Oct 16, 2012 @ 9:27am 
This map is not good. It is not terrible, but not good either. Some thoughts:
- Having the blue gel JUST for reching a button is somwhat unnecessary. Try to use the potential of a puzzle element, or at least part of it.
- Using funnels to get up ramps is the 2nd least creative way to do so, only faith plates are less creative.
- Using a faith plate to get to the sphere seemed weird, since there is absolutely no purpose to that area, nor is there any difficulty in reaching it.
- If you intended the player to use ALL cubes in the map, then good job! But that makes the companion cube just a cube like all the others, and that is NOT what the companion cube stands for.