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Genre: Adventure, Music
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Oct 14, 2012 @ 4:04pm
Jan 20 @ 9:21pm

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Deep within the dying Earth we built a ship fueled by the planet's core and the powerful element Thorium. As the captain of this Planetship it is your duty to take the remainder of Earth's people safely through a most dangerous journey to find a home among the stars.

The game's music by Casino vs. Japan makes every living object in Planetship move with an electronic pulse, making for a unique audio-reactive gaming experience.

Visit for more information and to try the demo.


Planetship Features:
  • An audio-reactive environment featuring Casino VS. Japan's mystical space tunes
  • A series of in-game tutorials for learning how to be a knowledgeable Planetship captain
  • Pass through Warp Gates to discover new star systems
  • Scan planets to discover resources or populated worlds both Friendly and Hostile
  • Send crew to planets marked for Research to discover useful alien technology
  • Send Shuttles or Minerbots to gather important resources like Food and Thorium fuel
  • Avoid Hostile planetary defense systems and either bargain for peace or send crew to deal with them
  • 4 Difficulty levels from Easy for a relaxing space jaunt or Hopeless for a true challenge
  • Hunt throughout the universe for a Habitable planet for Planetship's crew and use the ship's space elevator to drop them off
  • Try threading the needle into a Black Hole for a truly strange space locale

[!] UPDATE: You can buy Planetship for $4 on Desura ( ), funds go towards community requested Planetship updates and helping me start my next game! Thanks fellow space game nerds :)

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