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Halls of Dovahndor
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Halls of Dovahndor

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Halls of Dovahndor

Player Home by Okiir




Ever felt like you were never really revarded for defeating Alduin and saving the entire world? ...And have you always wanted a massive player home that was both highly detailed and well integrated in to the lore? Well, then this is the mod for you.

Located in Sovngarde, the Halls of Dovahndor is the ultimate home for the ultimate Dragonborn.

This mod has literally hours of exploration for those who want to delve into the details and uncover every secret. There are hidden locations, secret paths, and of course the Underdepths, a massive hideout for your stealthy character.

The mod also features a unique spell, allowing you to teleport to the Halls of Dovahndor from anywhere, along with several other unique items.


Also available on Skyrim Nexus[]

More screenshots can be found here.
(uploaded directly from Skyrim. Unedited)


For centuries the ruins of mysterios gate stood dorment on the peak of the Throat of the World. Few know about it's existence and even fewer has seen it. No one relly knows its origins, but there are several theories. Some say it was built by an ancient civilazation in an atempt to contact the gods, while others say it was builts by the gods themselves.

Millenia ago the dragons named the gate Monahven Miraad, or the Gate of Mother Wind in the dragon tongue. This name was later adapted by the Greybeards, who made their sancturay on the mountain centuries ago.

With the defeat of Alduin the World Eater, a portal opened. Since then both greybeards and dragons have tried to enter the gate, but none has succeded. Now the Graybeards beleave that only one can enter the portal, the hero that defeated Alduin himself... Dragonborn!



Gate to Sovngarde:
A new map location on the Throat of the world, "Monahven Miraad" or the Gate of Mother Wind, and the portal to the Halls of Dovahndor in Sovngarde.

The Halls of Dovahndor:
On the size of an in-game city, this home is arguably one of the largest out there. This home features a library, office, armory, museum, firing range, laboratory, master bedroom, alchemy garden, training room, dining room, kitchen garden, throne room, armor gallery, to mention a few.

The Underdepths:
The Underdepths is a massive hidden hideout located underneath Dovahndor itself. This is also the location of the Hall of Shadows, the secret lair for your stealthy character. There are several entrances to the Underdepths, but they are all hidden, so keep your eyes open. (One of these secret entrances can only be unlocked from the other side.)

The mod features all crafting stations in the game. There are primary crafting stations like Forges and Alchemy Tables, but also Wood Chopping Blocks and Cooking Pots. Threre are also tons of crafting material and storage.

Shrines of the Gods:
Shrines of all Nine Gods can be found in Dovahndor. But there's a catch, they're all hidden at different locations. Some Shrines, like Zenithar's Forge and the Tree of Kynareth might be easy find. But others, like Stendarr's Peak and the Altar of Arkay, might prove a challange. Can you find all nine shrines?

Teleportation Spell:
A unique teleportation spell, that instantly teleports you to Dovahndor. The spell tome can be found in the Hall of Magic.

Unique Items:
Along with the teleportation spell-tome, there are sevral new unique items scattered all across Dovahndor.

Display and storage:
Coutless manequinns, weapon plaques, weapon racks, chests, display cases, etc. Many of these can be found in the Collector's Hall. Also, Dovahndor features sevreral fully functioning book shelves with the combined room of over 500 books.

"Collector's Edition":
In the office of the Private Quarters you can find an in-game representation of the "Skyrim: Collector's Edition", along with a small model of Odahviing.


Follower Compatibility:
Bring your trusted followers and companions beyond the portal of Monahven Miraad, and to the Halls of Dovahndor.

Portal Chamber:
This new addition to Dovahndor contains six one-way portals to the largest cities in Skyrim, including one to the College of Winterhold.

Heroes of Sovngarde:
Heroes from all over Sovngarde are traveling to the once empty Halls of Dovahndor to greet it's new owner, the Dragonborn.

Traders and Crafters:
In addition to to Heroes and Kings, crafters and traders are also making their way to Dovahndor, eager to offer their supplies and assistance to the Slayer of Alduin. These merchants also have an almost endless amont of gold, and will buy just about anything you can offer them.

Expanded Living Quarters:
The private quarters has been expanded with two new bedrooms, with a total of 10 additional beds.

Masks of the Dragon Priests:
Display all your Dragon Priest Masks in the Collector's Hall.

The Dragonguard:
The Dragonguard serve as Dovahndor's guardians and protectors. These powerfull beings are not fallen heroes, but large aetherial constructs, whose only purpose is to protect the Halls at any cost.


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For even more information about the mod, a map of Dovahndor, and to download High Definition wallpapers, please visit Skyrim Nexus[].



-Fixed the issue with the balconies in the Antechamber of the Fallen.
-Librarian (Book Vendor) added to the Library in the Collector's Hall.
-Wildlife added to the Underdepths.
-Hunter (vendor) added to the Underdepths.
-Chef (vendor) added to the Private Quarters.
-Bartender (vendor) added to the Underdepths.
-Added much more storage.
-More clutter and detailes.
-Fixed the 7 non-functioning manequinns in the Collector's Hall.
-Mod is cleaned up with TES5Edit.
-Several minor issues fixed.
-Portal Chamber added. One-way teleportation to six major cities around Skyrim.
-Added a large guest bedroom in the Underdepths, with 7 beds.
-Corrected writing errors on the readable stone-tablets.
-Full Follower Compatibility. Bring your trusted followers to Dovahndor.
-Added several NPCs.
-Added a Blacksmith in the Hall of War (vendor).
-Added Magic Vendor in the Hall of Magic.
-Added a new guest bedroom to the Private Quarters.
-Added a large bedrrom with 7 beds to the Private Quarters.
-Added diplays for Dragon Priest masks in the basement of the Collector's Hall.
-Added 12 storage containers to the Hall of War.
-Added floating ship next to the Gate of Dovahndor (Monahven Miraad).
-Remade the Master Bedroom in the Private Quarters.
-Added a new master bedroom in the Underdepths.
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Dylan_Perry Jan 30, 2013 @ 1:38pm 
does this work in version 1.8
Raptor Jan 30, 2013 @ 12:02pm 
Mm.. My game is having issues loading the textures inside the halls, and crashes immediately. I'll list the other mods I'm running if there's a known or unknown conflict:

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Okiir  [author] Jan 30, 2013 @ 6:54am 
Version 1.5 is now live!

Please inform me if you experience any issues.

(The changelog for the update can be found in the description above)
TRooperVIIX Jan 30, 2013 @ 3:51am 
okiir you have amazing talent i must say great work on this mod. How long will the wait be for 1.5 update on the steam workshop i'm thinking of getting the one on the nexus if the wait will be long. i think i'm just super inpatient...
Okiir  [author] Jan 29, 2013 @ 9:07am 
Halls of Dovahndor - Version 1.5 [] was just released on Skyrim Nexus, and will be coming to Steam Workshop shortly.
ruscoshattersin Jan 28, 2013 @ 3:43pm 
Ahk, i didnt know you do most of your responding on Nexus (i kind of tend to just skim the description of what the mod entails rather then technical stuff since i dont understand half of what i read XD).

I dont know how to work Nexus (not sure how one downloads.. my computer tends to pretend im not doing anything when i try) so I only browse around here and usually forget Nexus exists. I hadn't seen a response here in the comments since Dec 13th so I thought everyones questions were going unseen, im used to seeing authors comment directly into the comments in the workshop to peoples questions.

Sorry for the misunderstanding :)
Okiir  [author] Jan 28, 2013 @ 5:04am 
Also, I can guarantee that I read every comment, and that I respond to all personal messages. I also like to point out that every question asked has been answered up to several times before.

Anyway, version 1.5 will be released very soon :)

To learn more about version 1.5, please visit the Skyrim Nexus.
(there are several links in the description).
Okiir  [author] Jan 28, 2013 @ 4:58am 
@ruscoshattersin - To be honest I spend most of the time on Skyrim Nexus, so I recommend that people go there for commenting, updates, etc. When it comes to the update (as I have written on Nexus), I'm currently working on it, and plan to release it before the release of the Dragonborn DLC.
ruscoshattersin Jan 27, 2013 @ 9:59pm 
I would -love- to subscribe to this cause it looks amazing but the last response was over a month ago.. I understand school, definitely as a student myself, but it seems that theres no plans anytime soon to update, nor any comments in over a month to help answer people's questions or an update on progress.

If a bit more author-to-subscriber communication could be achieved to help respond to any quick-answer questions, i'd feel a lot more comfortable subscribing without worrying, should the mod suddenly start doing funky things, that my answer would go unanswered for extended periods of time while a possible error that may be a simple fix runs rampant in my game unless i choose the option to lose an unknown amount of saved data to reload an earlier safe to fix it.