Portal 2

Portal 2

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Islands of Aperture (v 1.0) NO FPS BUG

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Islands of Aperture (v 1.0) NO FPS BUG

A simple set up, requiring multiple islands to be completed for access to the end. The test, however, isn't as simple. Far from it. Even building it was hard. How is the set up easy? The theory. One MAJOR tip for players is to EXPLORE the entire place. Watch the antlines and watch out for the trap. Can be completed. Please notify me of any bugs or things that you want changed.

I also know of a bug in this test chamber that causes a major loss of fps any time that the Large Viewing Chamber comes in my view. I do not know if thsi problem occours for you, but i have moved it out of view. This has worked for me, but if you want it, there is another version of this map availiable (from me) that has it in view.

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