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Fixed Followers Lite
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Feb 11, 2012 @ 5:19pm
Feb 25, 2012 @ 8:14pm
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Fixed Followers Lite

Fixed Followers Lite - By mangue

Ths is the ultimate follower fixer mod!

Fixes to bugs without changing intended stuff, keeping the game as the original developers wanted. It really only fixes bugs. 90% of the fixes will work with old savegames and new savegames.

Languages: Default English. Optional Russian, Spanish and German (nexus mod only)


Every follower in the game got these two fixes:

1 - Fixed Hunting bow bug. You can just trade with them, remove their crap hunting bow and give them a nice improved bow. They'll use it and never going to respawn this hunting bow again.
2 - Changed level cap to 81. It varies but followers were capped on level 30, 40, 50. The only follower that would level with you past level 50 was J'zargo. Now all followers will level with you.

NOTE1: 81 is the maximum level a player can reach.
NOTE2: These two fixes work regardles of your save beeing new or preexisted.
NOTE3: Because there's nothing "mystical" about the invisible bow anymore, followers will start using real ammo. They still have an unlimited invisible stock of iron arrows but will use only if they run out of good arrows.

Some followers have other problems that are also fixed. You can know aditional fixes reading bellow:

HOUSECARLS - The bodyguards of nobleman
Argis the Bulwark
Iona - Fixed using male animations.
Jordis the Sword-Maiden - Fixed using male animations.
Lydia - You can now marry Lydia with this mod or without it since this change has been made official in patch 1.5. Fixed using male animations.

HIRELINGS - They follow you for gold and sometimes for glory
Erik the Slayer
Jenassa - Fixed using male animations.

COLLEGE OF WINTERHOLD STUDENTS - They wish to master the arcane arts
Brelyna Maryon

COMPANIONS - Skyrim finest join the Fighters Guild
Aela the Huntress
Athis (Skilled with heavy armor but was geared with light armor. Changed default outfit to heavy armor so the player doesn't get confused and keep gearing him with light armor.)
Ria (Same as Athis)
Torvar (Same as Athis and Ria)
Farkas ( Altought a master heavy armor trainer, he sucked at it. He had wrong internal class blacksmith. He is now a two handed warrior with high heavy armor skill and decent sword / board skill as it was meant to be. )
Njada Stonearm

Dark Brotherhood initiate (Both male and female. Fixed a nasty bug which made all their items reset to default when you released them and went to the sanctuary to hire them again. Making you lose the items.)

DUNGEON FOLLOWERS - When you meet someone at the right time
Erandur ( The level cap is removed. Still there's a bug on his quest. Check this link for details on how to avoid the bug )
Illia ( She rocks but she can't be rehired if dismissed. Check this link for details on how to try to rehire her )
Note: Dungeon Followers are kinda buggy. Best to avoid them since there's so much other good followers.

MISCELLANEOUS FOLLOWERS - Nice people that will help you if you help them
Adelaisa Vendicci
Annekke Crag-Jumper ( She is a MILF. You can marry her daughter, Sylgja. Which can make her your follower and mother-in-law. =)
Aranea Ienith
Borgakh the Steel Heart
Cosnach ( Fixed using light armor instead of heavy armor since he's a heavy armor warrior. )
Ghorbash the Iron Hand ( Fixed ranger using heavy armor. )
Mjoll the Lioness ( Fixed default invisible ring stuck to her. GAMES WHERE SHE HASN'T BEEN SEEN YET. Fixed using male animations.)
Roggi Knot-Beard
Ugor ( Fixed ranger using heavy armor )
Uthgerd the Unbroken

=== IMPORTANT! ===
I did this all in an unintrusive way. No code at all. Only configuration/editing so there's no chance of breakage.

I'm also not changing vanilla stuff without reason. The purpose of this mod is fixing annoying bugs while keeping the defaults.

Tested with skyrim 1.5

=== FAQ ===
-Will you add X perk to a follower?
If it's not a bug, no. Like giving lightfoot to heavy armored warriors.

-My beloved follower keeps reverting to his/her default outfit when I release him/her. Does your mod solve this?
No and don't think we can do anything about it with the creation kit.

-I'm having problem with marriage.
Read this

-For some reason I can't marry Lydia.
There's hope!

-Will you make all followers immortal?
Sorry, no. This isn't a bug. Some are really supposed to die and it gives the game more realism.

-Can I use this mod with other mods that change followers?
Probably not safe. If you want to try, backup your saves.

- OMG This mod sucks! It grew a mustache on Aela, made all NPCs fly, corrupted my save and killed my dog!
Impossibru! Try unchecking some mods, restart the game, make sure it is really loaded. Check mod load order.

-Explain better followers level up.
This mod sets their level cap to 81. About the stats, this is kind of a mistery. Most of the time stats remain the same between level ups. Some people, reported seen stat changes sometimes, as ou can see in this talk

The creation kit and the official documentation is pretty straightforward, but the game doesn't seem to obey the stat scaling, at least not for followers. Still it's better than the original low level cap because if it really changes sometimes, there's a greater range now.

-What sites can I find this mod at?
Skyrim Nexus

-Is this mod avaliable in other languages?
yes, Russian, Spanish and German at the moment. Check the nexus link above.

- I think I don't agree with those 4 females walking like men were really a bug. I want to still use the addon and revert back only that.
No problem. See here

=== TODO LIST ===
Make the followers not go back to their default outfit when they are dismissed and go home. (Probably wont be able to)
Fix dungeon followers problems.
Fix followers using real ammo.
Fix level up not updating stats every time. (btw this happens in vanilla as well.)

1.0 First release. Removed level cap and lots of other fixes described above.
1.1 Changed from no level cap to level 81 cap.
1.2 Fixed female followers walking like men (Mjoll, Jenassa and the female housecarls) . Fixed Illia's level problem (missed her in first release)

I will gladly answer everyone but If you ask something already answered in the description you get no response.

If you find any bugs or have suggestions just let me know.

If you like the mod, press LIKE up there. It will help more people find the mod.

Thanks for all your support and feedback!
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☆PastelUmbreon☆ Aug 30 @ 3:48pm 
wait so does this fix the bug that they say looks like you already have somebody with you like if you have a follower and they dont go with you cause of that follower. does this mod fix it?? i really need to know
SlaSh Aug 3 @ 5:36am 
is work and random you fuck it up so this mod is fuck but stil i like the mod just do you best xD
Dyldo Jun 13 @ 5:38pm 
did you increace the number of followers. If not can you add a way so the player can change how many followers there can be. I understand if you can't
WooShell May 6 @ 6:06am 
Kharjo doesn't seem to want to wear legendary Dragon Scale armor anymore, although it's most surely better than his default steel armor (at lvl 51). I'm not much a fan of giving him Dragon Plate instead, since his Sneak skill sucks so badly anyways...
Szalleng Apr 4 @ 3:20pm 
One problem , only Jenassa still have male animations :( and i dunno why .
Ade Mar 9 @ 1:12pm 
Is this compatible with Multiple Followers Lite? At least I couldn't make all my 6 followers follow me, only 2 of them. Also, their level cap didn't increase, Derkeethus was still level 30.
Dollynho o seu little friend Feb 14 @ 11:11am 
Is it compatible with Amazing Follower Tweaks?
Aeon Jan 16 @ 3:30am 
Is it fix dialog about housecarl shit with Lydia and other housecarls in dialog options? If note, can i (or maybe you want) fix it somehow? I don't want see again and again this menu and scroll dawn every time just to give some items to them (or take).
RedRose14441 Dec 29, 2014 @ 6:23am 
will this make it where they will not attack each other?
$illybilllybowilly Dec 24, 2014 @ 5:32pm 
I recently became the thane of falthreath and Rayya still uses the male animation? Is she simply not included since she is DLC?