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Birds and Flocks Hearthfire Edition
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Oct 9, 2012 @ 8:01pm
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Birds and Flocks Hearthfire Edition

THIS MOD WILL NEVER COST YOU MONEY. If you enjoy this mod, all I ask is that you let me know in the comments. And maybe visit this Steam Greenlight page:


This is the HEARTHFIRE EDITION of Birds and Flocks. If you do not own the official Hearthfire expansion for Skyrim, do NOT download this file.

The original Birds and Flocks is NOT COMPATIBLE with Hearthfire.

The Birds and Flocks Hearthfire Edition will NOT WORK on your system without Hearthfire.

This mod IS compatible with Dragonborn and Dawnguard.

The only difference between the two versions is their compatibility with Hearthfire.

If you are switching from the original Birds and Flocks mod to the Birds and Flocks Hearthfire Edition, first disable and/or uninstall the ORIGINAL "Birds.esp" using the Skyrim launcher's "Data" menu, and then subscribe to this version.

The ORIGINAL Birds and Flocks can be found here:


Adds dozens and dozens more instances of birds that fly away when startled by the player or another creature.

Also adds many more circling birds of prey along cliffs, tundras, forests and mountains.

Now includes more bats in dungeons.
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Sir Loin Jul 25 @ 3:45pm 
You're Welcome :)
Kazoomie  [author] Jul 25 @ 12:27pm 
Okay, well thank you anyway for posting the info.
Sir Loin Jul 25 @ 12:14pm 
I can't verify that at the moment I'm afraid. My current charater has built all three houses now so until I start a new character I can't test it. I will do it eventually unless somebody here is at the point of building the Morthal home and can test it without me having to level a new toon
Kazoomie  [author] Jul 25 @ 11:10am 
Loin, thank you for investigating this! Did you try running the Hearthfire Birds and Flocks mod to verify it works as long as Distant Detail is disabled?
Sir Loin Jul 24 @ 1:22am 
Hi Kazzomie. Apologies for my late response to our previous correspondence. I have found also that the issue with houses is also linked to any "distant detail" mods that might be running. When I built the Morthal house I saved at the point of building and went through the mods one-byone again to see if I could locate the problem and, for me at least, it threw up the Distant Detail mod as the troublemaker. If anyone has trouble building the Morthal home, and you run the Distant Detail mod, try disabling that.
Kazoomie  [author] Jul 23 @ 3:44pm 
Gooboopy, I have had a couple other users report the same issue despite using the Hearthfire Edition of the mod. I have never been able to figure out why some users still cannot build houses even after switching to the Hearthfire-compatible version of BaF. If it's not too much trouble, would you mind posting your mod list for me to look at?
ZEKOA Jul 22 @ 2:20pm 
This breaks the Morthal house in Hearthfire. :( Had to uninstall.
Sir Loin May 17 @ 10:35am 
I built the Morthal one first which didn't show. I built the Falkreath one after with no problems. I'll do a little more digging next weekend if I can and get back to you.
Kazoomie  [author] May 17 @ 9:56am 
Only some of the houses were affected by the Birds and Flocks mod incompatibility, so what you saw was normal. So I understand the situation, you built the Falkreath house first with no problems, and then tried to build Morthal and/or Windstad and they didn't show up?

Let me know what happens with your experiments with the load order.
Sir Loin May 17 @ 12:37am 
Thanks for your reply Kazoomie. What I have noticed is the issue (whatever that is) doesn't affect the Falkreath home at all. I'm unsure about the Dawnstar one.

Initially I built the house with the mod already loaded. After I realised there was an issue I then went back to an older save, bought the plot of land and saved the game at the house before construction. I then loaded each instance each time to test every mod individually.

I will try your suggestions hopefully it is something simple like load order :)

Thanks again