Board Buddy V2
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Oct 8, 2012 @ 11:40am
Nov 23, 2012 @ 9:53pm
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[This item is currently being revised, check back for updated assets and pictures.]

"Hey! it's your favorite pal! Board Buddy! He's your best friend when it comes to burning stuff. Sure, he may have had a rough past, with a couple run-ins with the law about silly little infractions like "Arson", "Possession of Explosives", yadda yadda, "Jay-walking". You know, the small stuff. Maybe the reason Board Buddy showed up at your door is because of your everlasting friendship? Maybe he's on the lamb? Maybe Board Buddy recently broke out of the Pyroland Correctional Facility and Insane Asylum for Mentally Unstable Wood and Particle Board? Board Buddy would never lie to you about that! Right? Where did you even get an idea like that? If anything, the PCFIAMUWPB needs a name change.

You don't really care about all that. All you know is that he's your pal, and that from here on out, Board Buddy has your back.

...Also, If you happen to have a run-in with the Pyroland PD, you've never seen this 2x4 before in your life."

-Pyrovision support
-Filtered(regular tf2) version rides on your back and gets assists.
-Pyroland version flies behind you and has various facial animations.

This guy was more of an animation/pyrovision test run than anything. He was close enough to completion that I decided to throw him up to the workshop.

-Created and Optimized the LODs for both the filtered and pyrovision models.
-Vastly improved the overall CPU load of the model by culling unnecessary bones and animations in the facial rig.
-Updated pyrovision model with the newer rig from my Saxxy Entry.
-Translated the pyrovision model to a new jiggle setup, similar to my sandvich pet rig.

This little guy ended up giving the inspiration to make a Sandvich cop to hunt him down, to make a movie trailer chronicling it, and a Sandvich cop pet to add to the workshop.
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