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Draconian Wars
Genre: Strategy, Puzzle
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Spanish
Oct 8, 2012 @ 6:11am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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Draconian Wars is launching on Steam August 28th
We made it!
Release date: Released!
Are you ready for a new level in online card games? Draconian Wars is possibly the most strategic and challenging online card game out there. Engage in fierce combats, manage your limited resources and outmaneuver your opponent. The battlefield is the lands and skies of Hyperborea, an exotic continent rich in natural resources, with a wide variety of ecosystems and full of amazing and terrifying creatures.

Key features:
  • No boosters! No free2play! Every card is available for you to play.
  • Two different factions: Draconian and Technocrat. Each faction has completely different strategies.
  • 120 Unique cards and more to come.
  • Online mode and two different single player modes: Skirmish and Challenge.
  • Fully customizable decks.

Game Basics:
Draconian Wars introduces an innovative game mechanic, where the cards are your life, resources and the tools you will use to defeat your opponent. There is no life counters or something like that, when you win a combat and establish control over an area your opponent loses cards. Deplete your opponent’s reserve of cards and become the winner.
There are four types of cards: Units (Ground and Air units), Weapons, Gears, and Disrupts:
  • Units – Each unit has force, skill and armor. A unit's force is how strong it is in combat. Its skill represents the unit's combat strategy knowledge. Its armor is how difficult the unit is to hit with weaponry and how much combat damage it can absorb.
  • Weapons – Weapons help your units perform better in combat and let them damage enemy units.
  • Gears – Gears represent magic enchantments, buildings, devices and in general any asset you use to have an advantage over your opponent.
  • Disrupts – A disrupt represents a trick, strategy, magic spell or anything you play to spoil your opponent's plans.
In Draconian Wars players not only place cards on the table, they can maneuver their units on the battlefield adding another layer of strategy to the game. During the game there are 6 areas (3 ground areas and 3 air areas). Units move through these areas, fighting your opponent’s unit and bringing support where they are more needed.

Game Modes:
Draconian Wars offers plenty of game modes:
  • Build your deck and play with your friends in online games.
  • Practice against the Artificial Intelligence.
  • Discover the continent of Hyperborea and fight vs specialized Artificial Intelligence with special scenario rules.
  • Resolve challenging puzzles.

Originally posted by Gamezebo:
This game might be a Draconian master, but it’s also a lot of fun
Originally posted by The Indie Shelter:
We recomend this card game, given more than affordable price, and its particular tactical gameplay

The previews of the new 100 cards have started! Get all the information about the game and preview cards on our Facebook webpage
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