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RNG (Dynamic) Guards
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Feb 11, 2012 @ 2:36pm
Jun 30, 2012 @ 11:00pm
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Changes can take up to one in-game week to take full effect. Alternatively, you can use the console command "resurrect" to manually force a reroll on the selected guard. Please make sure you have tried both before posting an error.

Do not expect this mod to be compatable with other mods that affect guards in any way shape or form. Before making a post concerning a bug, please disable all other mods and try the steps above. 90% of the time, a bug is caused by an incompatability and not a problem with the mod itself.

To "resurrect":
1) Approach guard you would like to change.
2) Open your console command field (usually the ` key or ~ key).
3) Click on the guard you would like to change.
4) type "resurrect" (without quotes) and hit Enter.
5) Close console command field (usually the ` key or ~ key).

A mod that makes guards much more dynamic, shattering their monotony and freeing them of their clone-like upbringing.

This provides hold guards with all new custom-skinned, hold-specific outfits, along with randomized helm variants. No more full-helmed identical guards at every hold, and no more short sleeves in the blizzards of Winterhold.

This mod is an improved standalone version of RNG (Dynamic) Guard Helmets, going beyond just helmets and into the entirety of the Guard NPCs. It is thus incompatabile with RNG Helmets as it already includes it. If you have already installed/subscribed to RNG (Dynamic) Guard Helmets, please uninstall/unsubscribe before adding this one.

As of v2.0, I have begun work on making all guards look and behave more appropriately to their region. This includes new custom, yet balanced weapons and armor, behavioural changes, and other various tweaks to improve the immersion. You can view the changelog below for more detailed information.

For those having trouble with the Steam Workshop: You can find RNG Guards on the Nexus at http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=9323

Any and all questions/suggestions/comments are welcome! Just leave 'em below and remember to rate!

-finish textures for Morthal and Dawnstar guards (maybe Solitude & Windhelm?)
-add small variations to stormcloaks & imperials
-add random guard patrols throughout wilderness
-keep default hold guards after civil war quests?
-other various tweaks and improvements requested by community

v2.4a - v2.4b
-ensured compatability with Skyrim v1.6.
-ensured compatability with Skyrim v1.5.

-added custom skin to Whiterun guards.
-fixed some general bugs.

v2.0 - v2.3c
-fixed texture problem with female Winterhold guards.
-added new, custom-skinned armor to Winterhold guards.
-added new, custom-skinned armor to Falkreath guards.
-fixed excessive nudity in Falkreath.
-added new, custom-skinned armor to Riften guards.
-fixed improper skin on Markarth guards.
-added new, custom-skinned armor to Markarth guards. Climate appropriate, lore appropriate,and balanced.
-began work on more diversity between holds and their guards.

v1.0 - v1.2
-added a chance for guards to have no helmet at all, depending on climate region (the warmer the area, the higher the chance, while guards in places like Winterhold and Windhelm will always wear head gear)
-added effect to some stormcloak soldiers
-added 50% chance for guards to have open-faced steel helm instead of full-faced default
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micwopjoe Oct 2 @ 2:50pm 
yes in riften everyone is naked... what happen
noahjamerson Oct 1 @ 6:10pm 
great mod but there has been a TON of weird problems in Riften lately
matt Sep 22 @ 2:49pm 
jk lol
matt Sep 22 @ 2:49pm 
i spit on your face'
★Scorpia★™ Aug 23 @ 11:21am 
The mod stopped working after I completed the civil war quests. All my Imperial cities became Stormcloaks. Which were understandable. Maybe write in the OP that, it will happen.
Jepordy3 Jul 17 @ 7:11pm 
I've got a question before I download this. I have a mod that gives capes to random guards, it's a standalone, and does it with all npcs. Will they conflict? I have no other mods that mess with the hold's guards.
Kouga Jul 16 @ 4:47pm 
So.. At the start of my legendary Skyrim plays, alot of guards of Whiterun die during that first dragon fight. I like to give these pieces of whiterun armor to Lydia afterwards because she's my housecarl from Whiterun..

Thing is, the guard armor looks like steel, but it's worse! I can only give her the helmet. Why not atleast make it so that we can improve the armor on workbenches? Are you so much against people wearing guard armor that you ruin the fun for everyone using the mod?

Well anyway, I'll let you scheme it out yourself.. You have my 50 cents.
Dr.Defenestro Jul 15 @ 3:18am 
@ppl complaning about Winterhold. They're not wearing robes because they're mages, they're wearing them cause it's cold. Robes aren't mage specific, plz.
AntPixel Jul 3 @ 9:18am 
If u want the guards to be more badass install the better dialoge mod for guards. It makes ur whole skyrim expirence much better with this mod and the other one i mentioned.
Spookonlia Films Jun 23 @ 8:53pm 
This mod actually works with the Open Face Guard Helms mod. But that's probably the only one.