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AA12 Fully Automatic Shotgun
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Oct 7, 2012 @ 1:58am
This mod replaces the pump action shotgun with a fully automatic AA12. This thing fires 300 rounds per minute (that's 5 per second!) and comes loaded with a 20 round drum magazine.

Is it over powered? Yes. Is it fun? Yes!
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this just wont download for me.
in game ater i try to download it it just says workshop content failed to download
and i really want this mod it looks awesome
Chevan Dec 1 @ 1:58pm 
This is the best mod for this game. I can finally put my shells to some serious use!
[Guardia Civil] ZORRO Dec 1 @ 4:35am 
can you plese make a skin for the devastator whit this?
Ebenezer RATT Oct 7 @ 9:04pm 
mutch more suited for the alien apocolapse
XxxАвтоликасххX Oct 1 @ 3:18am 
Слабая такая имба
♛.Mr.Amazing.♛™ Sep 12 @ 6:25pm 
this should be included in SS4
ShOtGuN666ZAN Aug 21 @ 4:33am 
You might say its overpowered, but it is a real gun, only draw-back is that it pisses through ammo.
4nubis Aug 19 @ 2:43pm 
_TheInverse_ Jun 21 @ 5:46pm 
Overkill as all hell, but wicked fun to use. Nice work!
Gummybear662 Jan 4 @ 12:10pm 
This mod is easily my favourite SS3 mod. Well done.