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Housecarl Sandbox Fix
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Oct 6, 2012 @ 9:36pm
Oct 14, 2012 @ 2:37am
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The entry point to Lydias bed was set to the wrong side, and that's probably why she would always get stuck. She was most likely trying to access the bed, but there was a wall blocking her path, so she would hang out in your room. This mod does a few things to the housecarls...

- Now they have a life, custom AI packages:

6am-8am sandbox at home.
8am-12pm they will patrol their town.
12pm-4pm sandbox at home.
4pm-8pm they will visit their local tavern.
8pm-10pm sandbox at home.
10pm to 6am they sleep in their bed.

(I chose the best patrol markers already available to avoid conflicts. Between packages, they return to their home sandbox. There is now a second sleep package for if you married them that tells them to sleep in your bed. Note that they need to be told to live at their "old place" in the marriage dialogue for the package to work.)

- Rotates Lydias vanilla bed 180 degrees so she can find it. Since I didn't add any new objects, there won't be any conflicts.

- Along with their vanilla default weapon, their starting inventory now includes: 1 steel dagger, 1 house key, 10 gold, 1 tankard, 2 Nord mead, 1 half bread, 1 cooked beef, 1 baked potato, 1 sweetroll, 1 Book of the Dragonborn. They have also been given the novice healing spell. And the female housecarls no longer use male animations. These changes are only because they should have been given this stuff already.

- Sets them to essential because most people would want this option.

And the biggest question... Conflicts? Only if the other mod alters the vanilla housecarls base id, then the one to load on bottom would be the one that works. And it would only be a conflict of which base id gets used, so you can load this one on bottom, and everything else from the other mod would still work except the alterations to the housecarls. These packages only take effect if the housecarls aren't being controlled by a quest, so they will still follow you and they will still do anything another mod tells them to do. If you are married to any of them and want them to use these packages, you just need to tell them to move to their "old place" so that the 24 hour marriage quest will not control them (they do the exact same stuff at home as the marriage package). Any mod that alters Breezehome should not have any issue either unless they altered Lydias bed, and in that case it would be exactly like the housecarl, the one on bottom is the bed that gets used.

This mod is so simple, that if you remove it, it would be like it was never even there.

So Jordis can get her intended bed, I strongly recommend Proudspire Manor Bug Fixes by corporate_slave: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/9540
Note that the wall to the childrens room does not disappear in Hearthfire if you use the Proudspire Manor Bug Fixes, so after you purchase the add-on, to remove the wall, console: prid d89eb <enter> disable <enter>.

I don't want this mod uploaded to Nexus.
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EmergencyTech Apr 5 @ 11:37am 
I've receruited three housecarls into the blades, will that conflict with their base ID?
samueljosephrushing Mar 14 @ 2:09pm 
the bad news is when you add dawngaurd and the vampires kill lydia on her rounds and you arn't there to save her.
ladysedim Mar 8 @ 11:16pm 
Could you please add this AI into Uthgerd The Unbroken at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun? She's got a nice little home but lives at the tavern 24/7, a nice sandboxing ai would be great. I tried, but all she did was go home and stay there. It just ain't healthy to live like she does LOL
mordachai Jan 6 @ 11:06pm 
@BlackKanda : That's the answer I was waiting for, thanks :) I'm going to give this a try now...

BlackKanda Jan 5 @ 11:58am 
My game is updated to 1.9 official patch, and running all DLCs, and this mod still works fine for me. (Although, I should mentioned I have also installed all the Unofficial Skyrim patches).
SFBryan18  [author] Dec 1, 2013 @ 5:53pm 
No. This mod was only made for the original housecarls. Adding the new ones would require that everyone have the DLC, which would screw a lot of people over.
thewakingdreamer Nov 28, 2013 @ 10:58pm 
Does this affect the Hearthfire housecarls? I am not seeing changes with Valdimar for example. He never sleeps!
mordachai Nov 25, 2013 @ 11:18am 
Based on the comment from tango32, I believe everyone playing skyrim must have the 1.9 patch by now, would this still be a problem?
I'm getting more tired by the day to see lydia sitting in my bedroom doing nothing so this mod sounds very interesting, however it won't do me any good if it's bugged in another way...
TempleTen Aug 14, 2013 @ 7:30am 
LOL I was wondering why everytime I entered my house she randomly fell from the roof. She most likely tried to get in the bed and glitched through the wall. Admittedly she did it like a boss though and sat down in the chair closest to the door the moment she landed before looking at me "Welcome home my love"...wife of my dreams.
pschwaab Aug 8, 2013 @ 7:45pm 
Is this compatable with Skyrim Beautiful followers? Because it was working, but it changed Jordis' face back to the vanillia one, so I uninstalled and resintalled Skyrim Beautiful followers to change the face back, and now she is just hanging out on the main level of proudspire manor, she won't go to sleep.