Legend of Grimrock

Legend of Grimrock

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Oct 6, 2012 @ 12:42pm
Oct 27, 2012 @ 3:44pm

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LoG Framework demo dungeon

About the LoG framework see this thread:

- illusion walls
- damage dealing doors
- champions do comment various events (such as picking up items, sorry about cheesy dialogue :)
- experimental turn based combat. (not perfect yet, but pretty nice)

Turn based combat is activated when a monster attacks to party.
In turn based mode you can either move one tile or attack with all champions once. Turning the party around is not limited.
You can end the turn based mode at the beginning of your turn by pressing R (before you have attacked or moved).
Killing a monster also ends the turn based mode.

- Items (such as weapons) can be usead only one time / turn, so you can't use same weapon with multiple champions.
- Switcing champion slots consumes both champions turns.
- Can't switch slots with champion that has already used it's turn.
- Using any item will consume champions turn.
- Fixed bug: Only one champion could attack at first turn.
- added some more monsters so it's easir to test turn based combat. Any feedback is appreciated.
Update 2
- Fixed bug: items were unsuable after pressing R
Update 3
- Fixed bug: Monsters did't always move on first turn
- Fixed bug: Pressing R when monsters were moving put you to sleep
- Added turn identifier texts Your turn and monsters turn
- Added tons of snails(east) to see how it works with massive amounts of enemies. On west there is smaller room with 4 monsters.
- Some other problems fixed, which I can't remember anymore :)
Update 4
- Made turn based mode optional (use scroll on 1st champions inventory to toggle it)
- Added new spells
- Magic missile (rune A)
- Burning hands (rune B)
- Shield (rune D) for some reason I can't overide rune C
- Hold monster (rune E)
- Armor (rune F) You can select the target champion by left-clicking champion portrait
Update 5
- inisibity and inisibilit 10' radius added
- Spell system converted to EoB(D&D) style. You now have to learn spells from spellbook, which is spawned automatically to every mages inventory, it can't be moved or replaced. Also spell progression is converted so that now you gain spell points on level up, and you can only learn so many spells that you have spellpoints. The amount of available spellpoints is show on spell books description.
- I added a button to the right of starting location which upgrades 4th champions level, so you can test the spell system easily.
- Added melf's acid arrow, which strikes caster.level/3 times
- Caster (and party) now gets XP from kills
Update 6
- Magic missile projectile replaced.
- Added a new monster for demonstration purposes: crowern_from_hell, which can cast 2 magic missiles.

Any feedback is welcome.
Dungeon is still a demo for framework features, so there is nothing much to explore.
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Neikun Oct 6, 2012 @ 2:10pm 
This looks cool. I am looking forward to it.