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Dragonbone Ebonsteel Armor
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Oct 4, 2012 @ 1:15pm
May 22, 2014 @ 10:01pm
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Dragonbone Ebonsteel Armor

The expert in battle would first make himself invincible, then wait for his enemy to expose his vulnerability. -- Sun Tzu

Dragonbone Ebonsteel heavy armor is a stand-alone set combining the raw strength of dragonbone with the more malleable resilience of ebony. While for all gameplay purposes it is still considered dragonplate, forging it requires skill in both dragon and ebony smithing. The armor rating of all pieces is nearly as great (just one tick shy) of their Daedric counterparts.
  • The armor can be made at any forge.
  • While it requires both Dragon and Ebony smithing perks to make, the armor itself is found under the Dragon smithing category.
  • Two styles each of chestpieces, gauntlets, and boots are included. Their construction materials and stats are identical. The choice is offered purely for aesthetic reasons.
  • Four styles of helm are also available, in either veiled or open-faced versions (for a total of eight). Here too materials and stats are identical, and which one wears is a matter of individual taste.
  • A chainmail hood can also be forged. As it is not rigid and does not actually utilize dragonbone, it is markedly less protective than the full helms. However, it does allow one to simultaneously equip circlets of any type.
  • A heavy shield (replete with modified geometry) is included as part of the full set.
  • All pieces are upgradeable with additional ebony ingots.
  • All pieces are fully race, gender, and body-slider compliant.
  • Dawnguard not required (but buy it! PC gaming needs all the support it can get!)
Compatability and Conflicts:
  • As all pieces are standalone and based on Bethesda's geometry, there should be no conflicts with vanilla Skyrim or other mods.
  • A mod I enjoy using with Dragonbone Ebonsteel armor is the wonderful Bandolier - Bags and Pouches (also available at the Nexus).
  • I'd like to especially recommend Winter is Coming - Cloaks[], which I believe greatly accentuates the look of this (and all other) armor.
  • Quickfox's extremely handy Armored Circlets is the primary motivation behind my inclusion of the mail hood. (Dragon Priest circlets are wonderful!)
Dragonbone Ebonsteel Armor is also available at the Nexus:

Screenshot lighting provided by SkyRealism - ENB Evolved and Phinix Natural EMB

Change History:
  • 06/02/13 -- Added Claw style helms -- Crisper normals -- Custom cube map -- Ebony now ebonier -- Various subtle geometry tweaks
  • 04/07/13 -- Fixed data error causing male orc Classic Veiled Helm to use wrong appearance
  • 02/09/13 -- Adjusted verts on all female helms to avoid sorting issues with vanilla hairstyles
  • 01/26/13 -- Modified helmet biped settings to restore proper hair functionality and better support mods that add snow/water effects to the character.
  • 01/13/13 -- Veiled versions of all helms now implemented -- Prior veiled helms tweaked to eliminate risk of elven nasal interpenetration syndrome (aka ENIS)
  • 12/21/12 -- Added Segmented Boots -- Renamed original dragonplate-based helm Stout Helm, added Stout Veiled Helm variant - General improvements to original gauntlets
  • 12/03/12 -- Removed erroneous Dawnguard dependency flag (grr...)
  • 12/02/12 -- Data scoured to disable all hair for all helms -- Original helmet textures revised -- Segmented Gloves data revised.
  • 11/30/12 -- Some users were reporting some pieces not rendering properly. This version is a thoroughly inspected and tested re-packaging of the data as a safety pass to minimize odds the problem lies on the mod's end. Apologies to those who weren't experiencing issues and had to wait through the extra download, but I wanted to eliminate as much doubt as possible.
  • 11/29/12 -- Added Classic Helm and Classic Veiled Helm -- Added Segmented Gloves
  • 11/15/12 -- Modified chain hoods to avoid circlet and Aetherial Crown interpenetration issues
  • 11/12/12 -- Fixed noobish error that prevented male BP normal maps from rendering properly
  • 11/09/12 -- Completely revised chain mail textures -- Turned off all hair for all head pieces again to solve issues with female characters -- Fixed UV set error that caused some sleeve textures to draw as black in 1st person mode -- Improved texture compression (no visual difference)
  • 10/30/12 -- Tweaked data that was preventing some long hair styles to draw with helmets equipped
  • 10/26/12 -- Added Dragonbone Ebonsteel Horned Helm for both genders and all races -- Changed name of "Ancient Helm" to "Grand Helm" (base item rename only--should not cause existing items to disappear)
  • 10/10/12 -- Fixed Argonian male Nord helmet referencing wrong mesh -- Slightly desatured mail hood to appear less blue in some ENB lighting configurations -- Reduced base armor rating of most pieces a point or two to fulfill original intention of having them be minimally less strong than Daedric.
  • 10/05/12 -- Fixed data error that might have resulted in female gauntlets not rendering properly for some players.
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Epyx™ WetNoodle 4 hours ago 
I heard you can upload regular Skyrim (TESV) files, so no need to make another.
Epyx™ WetNoodle 4 hours ago 
BLOODEsplate Mar 19 @ 8:14am 
do you think you can port this to xbox?
Godfather of Illuminati Mar 10 @ 5:44am 
i came
They Call Me Guy Mar 4 @ 3:23pm 
Can you make a mod to retexture all helmets like this? They look amazing.
BADASS Feb 19 @ 5:58pm 
Dose it work with argolain?
Athellos Feb 10 @ 3:01pm 
Is there any chance you will eventually add into the SkyrimSE ingame workshop? It just makes it easier to keep up to date on updates for those who don't check nexus everyday. All in all, this is one of my favorite armor mods. Gives the Dragonbone armor that special something it always needed.
Epyx™ WetNoodle Feb 9 @ 11:19am 
Please upload to SE (Bethesda)! Not Nexus, please. We all know what's on Nexus...
GeddysGaming™ Jan 27 @ 7:33am 
This is a Great mod!
assasinscreedrogue007 Jan 5 @ 12:27am 
can you make a dragonscale version of the armor in order to meet everyones needs
also try making it black