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Tru Blood
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Oct 3, 2012 @ 4:03pm
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"Works without DLC"

Satisfy your thirst with Tru Blood.
It will feed your Vampire Synthetic Blood Type O.
You can purchase it at some of the Inns around Skyrim, in the Food category.
You can only find it & purchase it, if you are a Vampire.

"Funktioniert ohne DLC"
Erfüllen Sie Ihren Durst mit Tru Blood.
Es wird füttern Vampire Synthetic Blood Type O.
Sie können es auf einige der Inns rund Skyrim kaufen, in der Lebensmittel-Kategorie.
Sie können nur finden und kaufen Sie, wenn Sie ein Vampire sind.

"Lavori senza DLC"
Soddisfa la tua sete con Tru Blood.
Si alimentare il vostro Vampiro sintetico sanguigno O.
Si può acquistare presso alcuni dei Inns intorno Skyrim, nella categoria alimentare.
Si può solo trovarlo e acquistarlo, se sei un vampiro.

Q: Why did you make this?
A: So all Vampire characters, can have a quick blood fix.

Q: Can I Hate & Troll all over your Mod?
A: You can, but you will be blocked.

Please Rate this Mod, as I was nice enough to share it.
You can not Modify or Upload my files.
I put too much work into my mods, for someone to steal my Work.
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mwmenter Aug 18 @ 12:15am 
id rather be a vampire than a werewolf
mwmenter Aug 18 @ 12:14am 
cool drink
Liquor' Finnyx Jul 24 @ 11:33am 
First of all, I have something for you, a correction of the German translation:
"Funktioniert ohne DLC"
Löschen sie ihren Durst mit Tru Blood.

-the next sentence is a bit awkward to say if translated directly, I will change it a bit-

Verabreichen sie ihrem Vampir feinstes Synthetisches Blut Typ 0.
Sie können es in einigen der Inn's in rund um Skyrim kaufen, in der Lebensmittel-Kategorie.
Allerdings wird es ihnen nur verkauft, wenn sie ein Vampir sind.

It would be awesome if you would actually use my corrected version :)
Can we expect any new mods from you the next time? I've been following you so long and although I switched to Nexus I sometimes come over to see if MontyX released something.
Sgt Stabby Jun 28 @ 9:40pm 
i cant find the blood
BritishPanda May 13 @ 7:50am 
Dont get vamprism because of this mod alone... its just a convienence thing It shouldnt replace the actuall challenge of sneaking into some poor sods house at night and having a midnight snack.
god_of_peanuts Apr 19 @ 8:49pm 
This is brilliant!!
I am going to become a vampire BECAUSE of this mod! :D
MontyX  [author] Mar 18 @ 4:28am 
True Blood fans would understand why it is sold at inns.
Corridian Jan 21 @ 8:30am 
Monty, as with most of your mods I love this. I have recently noticed that it is not filling up the tank. I have the Brehain better vampire mod. Do you think that might conflict? Even his blood potions are not working either, so I am at a loss. It worked fine when I was a vanilla vampire... as a Lord Vampire it seems to not... still rating this and every other mod up, but am thinking I must have a conflict here somewhere.. any ideas?
ShinyKhrp Jan 6 @ 8:40pm 
Thank you for this, Now I can be a mainstreaming Vampyre Lord
AceVoltage Jan 6 @ 3:11pm 
I would like this, but in my personal opinion, it doesn't make sense to be sold at inns. I mean, you're a vampire, and people fear vampires.

I'm not trying to hate, I'm just trying to suggest that maybe you could sell it elsewhere?