Total War: SHOGUN 2

Total War: SHOGUN 2

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DarthMod: Shogun II SW v5.0
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Oct 2, 2012 @ 11:25am
Mar 22, 2013 @ 4:04pm
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DarthMod: Shogun II SW v5.0

***Press the GREEN (Subsrcibe) button to automatically download the mod and make it ready to play. The subscription ensures that it is always 100% updated to the last version.***
It is compatible with any DLC and campaign (Sengoku Period, Rise of the Samurai, Fall of the Samurai).

***You NEED also this Audio FIX***
(Repairs gun/bow/cannon sounds for some units)

-Load the game from the official game shortcut
-The mod manager appears
-Tick only darthmod_shogun_SW.pack

DarthMod claims that it improves greatly the gameplay and enhances the AI of the game with various ways, for example the AI takes better decisions when and where to attack, it deploys with better formations and much realism is added to every battle aspect. Furthermore it adds many more submods and wonderful realistic effects.

This version includes in a pack:
*The gameplay and AI of DarthMod
*The increased unit sizes which you change in the menu easily
*The FotS Bayonets by IGdood & Kungfuserge
*The Darth Effects
*The Horo Removal by The Hedge Knight
*The JFC Unit Cards
*"Vastator Unit Style 1.3". A more unit variety type mod by =Vastator=
*Alternative Clan Colours by Demokritos
*Uniform part of NOIF's Boshin War Mod (NoBWN) - HISTORICAL FLAGS, BANNERS & UNIFORMS by ?Noif de Bodemloze?
*Noif's Bows by ?Noif de Bodemloze?
*BullGod Tercio by BullGod
*Full Multiplayer support (All players running this version can see each other online and can also play with the increased unit sizes)

To use all the extra submods you must use the Launcher version or apply manually the Pack Version of the mod.

In a few words DarthMod: Shogun II is now offered in three different ways which you must use separately according to your needs:
//The Full Launcher version (It has the most options and submods)
//The Mini-Pack version (The user can manually install it as per instructions ->Not advised for novices)
//The Steam Workshop version (It includes only the necessary and has the best multiplayer compatibility).

For more information please visit the TWCenter download thread:

DarthMod Official Pages:

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justinsane11 Sep 18 @ 1:31am 
Jakob Aug 28 @ 5:06pm 
LMAO Reaper19830 you 12 dawg?
Fi'We Aug 23 @ 9:28am 
this compatible with Radious mod pack?
Dozhmat Aug 23 @ 8:21am 
Can I return back Horo in this mod version?
SySTEM Aug 21 @ 10:20am 
reaper, its extremely common to restart your PC after you install something. How old are you dude?
reaper19830 Aug 6 @ 2:21pm 
what is Naval Action?
Is it on steam?
[ST] Marku Aug 6 @ 8:38am 
he doesnt work on his mods anymore guys. He's working on Naval Action etc
Zenker Aliento-rojo Jul 25 @ 1:39am 
Dartis, please, could you expand de units from the Otomo empire? the Portugeses thirds, there only 120, is the standart if i dont use the mod, and is the same numer with the mod, thanks.
reaper19830 Jul 24 @ 11:15pm 
If anyone can, please send the below post form me to DARTIS, creator of DarthMod.
reaper19830 Jul 24 @ 11:07pm 
I downloaded the v5 from and installed it, works; However DarthMod installation asked
me to RE-START my pc to finish installation?

I'm worried about this, is this normal?

If not what went wrong; How can I fix it?

I'm going to keep playing the game as normal untill I recieve a answere of
concern here on this thread in response to these questions.

And to all out there concidering this mod be informed of this and that the v5 of
DarthMod has way more options and I personally like the veriety one gets from the full v5 from as compared to this verson of v5 DarthMod here on steamworkshop, that has far less options available to you.

I just want to know if it is a maleware, rootkit, ect. or if it was intended by the mods creator to "Ask you to restart you pc after mod installation."

All informative help on the matter would be appriciated!!! :)