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Macro Tactics
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Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
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19 gen 2017, ore 2:01
23 feb 2017, ore 21:40
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Alpha Demo + Visual Update
Data di rilascio: March 2017
Macro Tactics is a new strategy war game inspired by the Advance Wars series.

- Build your army from an array of 20+ different ground and air unit.
- Cities, factories, oil pumps, bunkers, underground tunnels - capture several structures to strengthen your army.
- A single-player campaign mode featuring over 50 missions and 9 unique playable commanders.
- Wage war against friends and strangers in the online multiplayer mode. Including a competitive (ranked) system.
- Create your own custom maps with the desktop map editor and share them with the community.
- Will be available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android platforms. Online multiplayer will work across platforms.
- Stages with up to 4 players/A.I.

We aim to create a charming game that is easy to pick up and learn for newcomers to the genre, yet offers a tremendous strategical challenge if you got the guts to battle other players online and climb the ladder!
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24 gen 2017, ore 23:51
about the macron tacticitself
Duke Kaboom3601
25 gen 2017, ore 21:24
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Le Whopper
19 gen 2017, ore 14:39
On this game's creation.
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95 commenti
GreenEarth 9 gen, ore 6:29 
Will there have any Green faction?
like Green Earth?
b0bhat 14 apr 2017, ore 17:40 
advance wars 3? you mean, advance wars 5.
L-r | BC 8 apr 2017, ore 12:01 
Any update on this?
Leeroy 2 apr 2017, ore 23:37 
What is the go with this?
Mirania 7 mar 2017, ore 19:43 
Looks alright.
gober68 2 mar 2017, ore 5:27 
This is the return of a long forgotten game called Advance Wars
This is what i called Advance Wars 3
JVemon  [autore] 23 feb 2017, ore 21:34 
Updated with teaser video, new visuals and alpha demo.
Koopanique 19 feb 2017, ore 3:06 
I'm really looking forward to this. It looks rather good, even if the units look modern-ish and not enough WW2-ish for my taste, it still has the potential to be really charming and in the spirit of AW. I hope the canons of the artillery units in the battle animations will have recoil too :o)
Either way, I'm really looking forward to this game! Good luck
artemi714 15 feb 2017, ore 8:27 
I just hope the story mode is good, that was always the best part of AW, the memorable characters with silly humor with nail biting tactics. I mean, multiplayer is nice, and something you really need in today's gaming climate, but unless I get to know the characters first then picking which CO I use boils down to a dry, dull matter of picking the best stats.
AnemoneMeer 14 feb 2017, ore 15:10