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Best Nep! :nepnep: Shout out to you guys; you're the best <3
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11:05 PM - Ol' Mustard Head: wtf is a nep nep

Everything you need to play on my server

Nep-Nep: *hugs tightly* Iffy is so friggin adorable in that pic <3
Miwwa: owo
Miwwa: funfact.
Miwwa: its a cropped porn pic.
Miwwa: Lol.

2:43 PM - [NN$]Neptune: Sorry for bothering you with invites....
2:47 PM - Supacamper: its no problem man
2:47 PM - Supacamper: dont worry about it. I know you worry about shit cause some people seem to be dicks about it. but just know that it's alright with me man. no problem

Nep Nep: I hope this isn't a weird question but...
Nep Nep: What would you do if Ultra Purple Heart suddenly grabbed your butt!?
Lone Nep 💎: i think it would feel good~ i would let her continue
If you want to grab my butt, then do it... It's a nice butt... OuO A comfy butt... A squishy butt... >3>
Lone Nep: But best of all, Its a nepping cute butt o3o

Nep Nep: goodbye big me! =)
Nep_ko: See ya lil me!


This profile is devoted to Nep Nep and mainly Neptunia stuff. Thanks for stopping by! I'm sharing the library of a dead person.. Click to see what games I have.
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If I don't message you back, don't assume it's because of something you did. I often get confused and sometimes don't know how to respond. So I might not reply immediately. Just shoot me another message in a few and I'll probably get back to you.
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As Steam Greenlight shutdown, what you see here is basically every VN ever released on Steam that was probably worth playing the most.
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A collection of Japanese Anime/Visual Novel games on Steam Greenlight that were actually[
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