Stale meme is my city
The master of absolutely destroying people as engie with a shotgun then taunting and typing the following: *2SHOT4YOU* or *REKT*
Trade url:
take a piece of paper and put it on your table, hit the piece of paper as hard as physically possible with your head, if you now have a hole the size of your noggin in your desk, that means you are mentally disabled and probably in the hospital.
About me:
Age: 14
Birthday: jan 8th
Gender: male
Favorite game:Team Fortress 2 i am an engieneer main
Favorite show: The Simpsons and gravity falls
Favorite movie: deadpool and day of tommorow: live die repeat
Dream unusual : nebula (or mabie neutron star) bill's hat (painted an absence of tinge (white))
Add me for whatever reason i dont care we can be friends.
I am quite friendly unless you insult me.
When you are talking to me use any type of swear you want.
I know russian english and georgian so we shouldnt have trouble communicating.
I like to trade
Dont try to scam me i will report and block you also screenshot everything you try.
I would apretiate it if you commented
I would love to play tf2 or cs:go with you just ask me.
If you are adding me to ask for free items add me and if i have extra metal or hats i will give you something.
To all my dearest friends i give gifts so if you are friendly i will be very hospitable.
fun fact:
Also i just for no aparent reason dont like cya just say bye idk use it if u want i wont be offended or unfriend you or anything, but if you are intrested enough in me to read this pls dont use "cya" i just dont like it, or do whatever u want.
if you think that one weapon is 2.5$ or a hat is 5$ (if you use mann co store prices) do NOT by any means trade with me i will insult your ass off, and if the case is so, have the brains to go on youtube and search the following: "tf2: pricing and refined metal" unless you know pricing i will not by any means trade with you. if you spam invites to parties, groups or trades i will block you!
thank you for reading, if you did text l me the secret phrase: "KILLED SAXTON HALE?!" for a free tf2 weapon :P
so to recap here are the things not to do:
try to SCAM
not knowing tf2 PRICING
(and if u can don't use "cya" but thats your choise i am ok with you using it)
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