Jack   Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
stigma: i dont fear what is mega gay

stigma: they just mega suck

Stigma: You can't lose if you're an open shitter :)

meowmi: are we at a friendship level
meowmi: where i can say
meowmi: i hope you get cancer <3
meowmi: and you dont get offended

*DEAD* BigChickenLover : spawn campin, really nigger?

Happysad: its literally impossible to play a pug with you and aeki
Happysad: you're both fucking idiots
memories: i could easily join a plat team as demo if i wanted

aeki: u gotta meditate my dude

ACG 「 Haste 」: Fuck off you autistic shit who gets fucking shit from make a wish fuck off and die of fucking cancer

*SPEC* Eternal : our internet proves aus isnt a real place we r all fake

stigma: i play paladins wtf??

aeki: grr

StigMa : I'm going to play overwatch'

kcaj (Score:2) defeats stigma (Score:0) in duel to 2 on 8) 2ez

10 year old turtle duck : can confirm kcaj hack
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rip jack, back to open feelsbadman
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jacks mum gay lol
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Jack more like kcaj