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Before you add me please comment why.
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☢ jturn 26. kvě. v 17.34 
EyE its Please Mute Your Mic. Way back in time i wanted you to ban me from the site cuz i lost a lot in first months of csgoROLL. Then you removed my ban but still i can not withdraw, support is telling me that YOU ABUSED THE WITHDRAW. Which is fake. I didnt even withdraw anything yet, how do i get banned? Please fix it dude, remove this ban. You'll see if you check it, all infos i've given are true. Like you did even tip me 20$ daily in back time why would i lie? Please fix it dude.
✪Djarma 23. kvě. v 17.17 
Can i become a moderator?
Hoax! | csgolive.com 22. kvě. v 22.23 
Just wondering how a simple person like me could join the csgoroll steam group?
Supra 21. kvě. v 21.35 
Added to talk about partnership youtuber.
Hey ive been looking for the admin on csgoroll for like 10 days i have a problem
i withdrew a knife for 62 dolars and i did not recive my trade but the money from my balance has been taken ive made 3 support tickets and nothing happend
Vitrex 19. kvě. v 9.12 
is the site down ? i had 289€ to withdraw