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Foppa 2 hours ago 
Hello, i have waited almost a month on my refound now and i am wondering when i will get it back?
mar71n 5 hours ago 
have tradeable steamaccounts ready :)
Congrats to JC who ban for giveaways... http://imgur.com/a/0AsVY
Hi, adding to purchae/bid on your skins.
BOT Dave 15 hours ago 
Hey I was wondering if you knew RichRussianKid? He was talking to me about buying my skins and said he was a friend of yours and some guy from dubai, the whole thing seems sketchy to me
Yves 15 hours ago 
Hey. I would like to talk with you about being a chat moderator for the English or the Russian chat. I have an experience of 7 months in online support. I know Hebrew, Russian, and I also talk English fluently.
◤33◥ csgobig.com Jan 16 @ 4:49pm 
pls help me man)
♕Eric Jan 16 @ 4:48pm 
deposit problems
LionTamer Jan 16 @ 4:45pm 
i want youre penis
Z00M Jan 16 @ 3:48pm 
Can u invite me to the group cause i cant join :(
abck Jan 16 @ 9:19am 
Add for deposit problems
YURI* Jan 16 @ 7:21am 
Add for Business (Movie Project)
✪ Xyptern I CS.MONEY Jan 15 @ 4:17pm 
added for sponsorship
✪Makrov Jan 15 @ 3:38pm 
adding for some important que.
Chelsea <3 Jan 15 @ 11:01am 
do you need a mod ? i have alot of free time
T. Jan 15 @ 10:57am 
may i please be unmuted
Sagah | CSGODouble.gg Jan 14 @ 7:45pm 
please accept me eye
Baesso < N T C > Jan 14 @ 10:12am 
NoTA De uM Jan 14 @ 5:49am 
Can you tell me when refounds problem will be fixed ? I'm waiting for 3 weeks and didn't received nothing .
benőőő`` Jan 14 @ 2:29am 
add me to csgoroll group please
Lets #NewMouse Jan 13 @ 12:43pm 
give meeeeeeeeeee
Ƙ❐ИΛ Jan 12 @ 12:51pm 
Hey I'd like to add or get in contact somehow because I wanted to verify that this sponsorship website I have received from what looks like to be an CSGOROLL admin is legit since I am having to deposit $75 worth of skins.
♛PipohPlayZ♛ csgolabz.com Jan 12 @ 12:36pm 
added me i have problem in csoroll
Bro Nasty | CSGOHandouts.com Jan 12 @ 11:17am 
Heads up -- this guy needs a swift release from the website.

Алиса 0/17 Jan 12 @ 10:34am 
Help me please. I have not returned the money when I did not accept the exchange.
Photo: http://imgur.com/a/f1IFA
I did not accept the exchange until 2 January. And I do not even returned the money to the sate. Return please.
Current Seed couple: 3931616f244ea927fb43
Promo link: {LINK REMOVED}
Trade URL: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=166581780&token=TE38rR5m

Помогите мне пожалуйста. Мне не вернули деньги, когда я не принял обмен.
Photo: http://imgur.com/a/f1IFA
Я не принял обмен до 2 января. И мне даже не вернули деньги на сате. Верните пожалуйста.
Текущий Seed пара: 3931616f244ea927fb43
Промо ссылка: {LINK REMOVED}
Trade URL: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=166581780&token=TE38rR5m
Whattimmy Jan 12 @ 9:21am 
Is this bots real, I accepted: BETS.GG (Prize bot #2). It said that i won a karambit i think but and it said: Click on this link to get the prize. But the site didnt work. PLzz add me and discuss it with me plzz!?
✪ Јешић Jan 12 @ 9:06am 
Hey eye i have to talk with u about youtube and other stuffs accept me :)
Adi YoungBoss Jan 12 @ 6:02am 
can we talk :) About job, got my portfolio ready :)
Ideals - 572 Keys Pure Jan 11 @ 6:04pm 
added due to me still not reciving a skin I withdrawed. :/
MΛǤΣLØℱℱ ♕ V/\ Jan 11 @ 5:37am 
added to talk about the impersonators in twitter
abck Jan 11 @ 1:35am 
deposit keys but didn't receive coins .
Hey I did not get the offer and got back none of the coins. 96euro not short of money.
drybones Jan 10 @ 8:00pm 
added for a question about your website. I might have something you will be interested in business wise. Thank you for your time.
FalseReaction | CSGOBIG.com Jan 10 @ 6:25pm 
Added in regards to your site. I have a possible partnership offer. Thanks.
Bugaga Jan 10 @ 2:27pm 
Added to talk about offer for csgoroll, add me please.
II ImpulsE II #Exams Jan 10 @ 10:56am 
Would like to apply for mod please :) active for 4+hours Accept for more details
CrowLikeTheBird Jan 10 @ 7:52am 
Hey man have a few mutual friends I believe. Im very interested in learning about web developement in this field, and if you have a bit of free time, it would mean a lot to me if I could ask a few questions? Thank you very much!
Hey I did not get the offer and got back none of the coins. 96euro not short of money.
VOLVO PLS Jan 9 @ 12:53pm 
Add for trade please
Papik Jan 9 @ 10:58am 
i send skins i have blocked 15 days csgoroll accept skin and no coins like 14 days plz help me
Llama Jan 9 @ 10:45am 
Added for a fucking skin
Business enquiry. Add me.
ArTz Jan 8 @ 1:14pm 
added u to talk about partnership (41k subs YT)
✪ M.M# Fr!O Jan 8 @ 10:37am 
I would like to send you a offer concerning one of your Desolate Space St. in FT
Tyler csgoblunt.com Jan 8 @ 9:54am 
I buy bulk skins for bitcoins; ask chuffs samalex, have bought over 30k in skins
Bulk-buying via BTC, cannot add. Any other way to contact you mate?
hi Jan 8 @ 9:19am 
hi, im wondering when the panel is up for csgo roll and when i will get my refund
PLZ NO GLOBALS Jan 8 @ 9:09am 
i would like to apply for staff on your site
ƒinєssє Jan 8 @ 9:07am 
Interested in Deagle CW Fac new.