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This bot was created to trade bitcoin and CS:GO keys.

The bot is buying CS:GO keys at $1.99$ each.
The bot is selling CS:GO keys at $2.02 each.

!help - Brings up this menu
!rate - The current price of bitcoin the bot uses
!prices - How much the current price of each
!priceof [amount] - The price it costs to sell and buy the specified amount of keys
!sell - Instructions on how to sell keys
!buy - Instructions on how to buy keys
!stock - How many keys the bot has to sell, and how much the bot has to buy.

How to buy keys
➯Add me as a friend.
➯Send me a trade offer with my keys. The amount of keys you request is the amount you will be buying
➯I will then tell you a bitcoin address, along with an amount. You will then need to send the amount of bitcoin to the address.
➯Once the bitcoin has been sent, the bot will send the keys after one confirmation.

How to sell keys
➯Add me as a friend.
➯Send me an offer with your keys. In the offer message, include your bitcoin address.
➯If you did not include your bitcoin address in the offer message, the bot will ask for it afterwards.
➯Once I receive the offer, I will send the bitcoin immediately.

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