I will NEVER ask for skins or offer a deposit bonus. Our only twitter is @CSGORoll do NOT get scammed by people impersonating me.
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sign profile plz
MackJava 14 януари в 1:56 следобед 
hey,please give 1 knife pls,i not have money for buy one
NoTA De uM 14 януари в 5:49 сутринта 
Can you tell me when refounds problem will be fixed ? I'm waiting for 3 weeks and didn't received nothing .
Kimancho 13 януари в 5:37 сутринта 
Please can you give me a knife I always wanted one
Bro Nasty | 12 януари в 11:15 сутринта 
Adi YoungBoss 12 януари в 6:02 сутринта 
can we talk :) About job, got my portfolio ready :)