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roxursox 6 hours ago 
roxursox: your a scammer kid
roxursox: your inv is private
roxursox: so
Testt cs.money: lol
roxursox: have fun scamming
roxursox: lmao
Testt cs.money: you can check my items here: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198290673989/inventory/
roxursox: 1 game head ass
Testt cs.money: and how could i scam you?
roxursox: let me
roxursox: guess
roxursox: you want to do OP SKINS
Testt cs.money: k
roxursox: huh'
Testt cs.money: opskins?
Testt cs.money: lol
Testt cs.money: i got scammed on the site
Testt cs.money: i lost my 2000$
roxursox: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198290673989
roxursox: kid
roxursox: lmao
roxursox: thats not you
roxursox: lmaoooo
Testt cs.money: thats my mine
Testt cs.money: main
roxursox: hm
Testt cs.money: this account is only for trade
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roxursox: interesting man
roxursox: main*
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roxursox 6 hours ago 
oldest trick in the book kid
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Hozenn1337 17 hours ago 
Red Baron 18 hours ago 
Red Baron 18 hours ago