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May 20 @ 7:32am
In topic [H] Type-S [W] One key or offers
add me or comment
May 6 @ 4:34am
In topic hey ! started a new youtube channel
I would really appreciate if you'd check it out ! Thanks to whoever visits (:
Apr 28 @ 12:25am
In topic LF 2's teammate :) (EU)
please know how ot rotate, pass and all simple things like that.
I would like you to have a mic so we can communicate, I'm gold one right now but I'm better than my rank, I was gold 3 before but because of inactivity my rank dropped
Apr 28 @ 12:24am
In topic Somebody wants to team up ?
added mate
im from EU, if you're good with that and you have a mic then add me
Apr 27 @ 10:39pm
In topic LF Gold 1-3 partner (EU) or a 3's team
don't add me if you don't have a mic or your English ain't good, also, please be atleast 14-15 years old (I'm 16). And ust in case you wonder, I'm from Lithuania (GMT +2).
Apr 27 @ 12:15pm
In topic LF enthusiastic 2's player
right now I'm gold 1, but last season I was a rising star so I'd consider myself higher than that.

add only if: you speak good english, you have mic/discord/ts etc., you are at least 14-15 years old (I'm 16) and only if you're from EU (I'm from Lithuania GMT +2).
Apr 27 @ 10:49am
In topic .
Apr 27 @ 10:48am
Apr 23 @ 4:05am
In topic Looking for a mate to play with !
I'm from Lithuania, the center of europe ! (GMT +2)
Male, 16 y/o, have a mic, good english.
add me only if you can voice chat !
On this account I don't have many hours, but on other one I have ~250.
Apr 22 @ 11:00am
In topic Looking to make a duo/trio clan.
( I have 250 hours on my other account )
Apr 22 @ 11:00am
In topic Looking to make a duo/trio clan.
ay mate, add me if interested to play, im 16 y/o male, have a mic (GMT +2)
Apr 22 @ 10:58am
In topic Anyone wanna play? :)
looking for people to play with ! I'm 16 y/o male.
We could also shoot some videos or smth.
I have 250 hours on my other account
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