Davis   Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Title: KingOfTheKeks
Gender: Salt Shaker
Games: Club Penguin, Minecraft, The Thwumper
Profession: Serial Rapist/ Rick and Morty Fan
Age: 3.14159265

#-b times radical b squared minus 4ca divided by 2a

My parents never gave me attention, so I feel everyone else should.

BitterTheNon-FutaToad: x2 + 8x - 16\
BitterTheNon-FutaToad: x2 + 34x + 120
LordOfTheSighs: 2(5x+1)(2x+3)
BitterTheNon-FutaToad: 10(x2 + 17 + 3
BitterTheNon-FutaToad: )
LordOfTheSighs: \
LordOfTheSighs has changed their name to YouAutisticFuck.
YouAutisticFuck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfCYZ3pks48
BitterTheNon-FutaToad: 2(10x+15)(10x+2)
YouAutisticFuck: 2(10xtodapowerof2+15x+2x+3)
YouAutisticFuck has changed their name to MaBFIsAMathGenius.

I play violin which means I get to play cliche sad songs when I fail miserably at life.

Anyways, if by some miracle u decide to friend me, then go to this link.

In all seriousness, friend me if you want. You'll regret it.
Now get the fuck off my profile.
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