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First of all, thank you for clicking on that "view more info" magic thing. It seems like you wanna find a few stuff about me , so all you need to know is this:
I'm Romanian and my birthday is on 12.12.2ooo . This is all you need to know about me , as long as you're a stranger for me. If you wanna be one of my friends , you're welcome to send me a request , but expect a message from me . A message where I'm asking you why you sent friend request.
I like hoods . I like them a lot . In TF2 I'm trying to collect every hood in game .
Usually I like to be anonymous . So it will be hard for you to find out my real name , my gender , my dreams and other things.
Also , I can say what's my weakness and what things I hate.
I have just 2 weakness:
Sometimes , but SOMETIMES , I can be ... ummm... a little "selfish" , but err , just a little bit. That's means sometimes I can speak a lot about me , but just say "Dude , stop speaking about you " and I will stop . I try very harder to stop talking about me. Also I think this "about me " section will be the longest one =).
My second weakness is that I am a fuck*ng color-blind. Pink is green for me , green is red , red is pink and the list never ends. I think isn't a "critical" problem , but never ask me about colors , this is why my favorite color is black =).
What I hate ? Hmm , a few things , yeah.
Peoples that want to controll me , to boss me arround , urghhh... I'M A FUCK*NG FREEDOM LOVER !!! Never try to tell me what to do. I can get really mad about this.
Also , I hate hungarians. I really don't know why. Maybe because I'm Romanian , and those 2 country can't be polite to each other , all of this Transyllvania (Transylvania belongs to Romanians , fu*k off Hungarians) , or maybe just because I never met a hungarian that was nicely to me , believe me , every hungarian what I ever met gave to me some salt and toxicity. A BIG amount of it.

-No scam
-No sexist , racist (except hungarians :3) , and porn stuff on my profile.
-Idk more , ask me.

Team Fortress 2
If you play TF2 this is a community called "TF2 RO" , a nice one and very good, they got 4 server:
TF2 RO Deathmatch:
TF2 RO Deathrun:
TF2 RO Versus Saxton Hale:
TF2 RO Jump Rush:

Also check out forum:
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