I only use this Account
Hi, I'm Simon. I only use this Account for TRADE
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Send me a Trade Offer HAPPY TRADING

I haven't got any Vault Accounts, some people using my account name just Scammers. Don't trust them, just contact with THIS Account only for Trade

I know all tricks of Scam, so pls don't waste my time and your time to trying scam me.

I will block all Private Steam, Private inventory, or Level Steam 0.

I will not add you with other account / VAULT, if anyone tell you this is my VAULT, just block him.

If i'm not Accept when you added friend, maybe i'm busy or sleeping on that time. Therefore, just send me steam offers, i will check it ASAP.

After a deal, we should +rep each other on STEAM and on CSGL, i will do it for you.

Feel free to add me.

I Always Use My Cellphone to accept offers While hanging out, so even my STATUS was OFFLINE i still can check STEAM OFFERS.

Some MY RULES in Trades

I buy the ones you got bored, and sell what you need.

I don't really care about anything, so don't ask me to give you an offer for your items. If you want to buy my stuff, please give me a suggestion, if it's fair i'll accept HAPPY TRADING

If you are not happy with my price, we just stop discuss, don't BLAME Each Other.

About me
Hi, Welcome

I'm Simon - 1990

Nice to meet you, anyone enjoy with Counter - Strike Global

Trade Information:
* Steam Rep Clean [steamrep.com]
* CS GO Zone Profile [www.csgozone.net]
* Trade Link


Just contact me with This Account only
| steamname: ◤Simon◢ ✪ ▰˘◡˘▰
| steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198256913754
| steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198256913754

There are someone FAKE my Profile, they are scammers, don't trade with them:


Anyone saying they're from Steam or SteamRep who needs to "check your items" is TRYING to SCAM you.
Never trust anyone for having +rep comments. No matter how many pages, +rep's are worthless!

PS: Don't fucking add me after u got scammed because u don't read my profile and give they ur knife or skins for free. Its really idiot action.


Bank Information:

Chi Nhánh Hải Phòng - 0031000141242 - Nguyen Viet Duy- Vietcombank
Chi Nhánh Hải Phòng - 102004634693 - Nguyen Viet Duy - Vietinbank

Cellphone: 0986 900 830
Address: Vinh City
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