cant merc ;=;
cezyse, if i changed name you would know who i am
6s: ²ғʟᴜғғʏ⁴ᴜ - scout
HL: BCP - scout

add me or g4vin to schedule scrims with 2f4u :o

Div 3 scrub here, learning hl gimme time ;-;

I rarely get triggered, sometimes I may appear to be but don't take it too seriously pls, thank u. Or if u have actually managed triggered me, then.. Uh I probably really care about the thing u're saying or else u're just a god or some shit Iunno

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✪ S13W Jul 16 @ 7:45am 
always claims he is doing some "intense" shit, but in reality, he is sitting on his bed jerking off to gay porn
✪ S13W Jul 16 @ 7:41am 
this retard cant read a FUCKING CLOCK
~NiegaChu~ Jul 16 @ 7:41am 
Time management = -100, gay cunt dont fucking deliver promises. fucktard
✪ S13W Jul 16 @ 7:39am 
shit player never trust this guy
cant merc ;=; Jul 15 @ 10:05pm i even know @Different dimension MLG TD, u wan schedule scrim?
Different dimension MLG TD Jul 15 @ 10:02pm