its cold bro
disheartened washed up tf2 player
*insert more fraggin spirit here*

Crash 10 times within the span of 5 min
and i dont even have a shit pc

AFC Division 2: SIRS as scout - TBD
AFC Division 3: TooFluffyForYou as scout - 1st
UGC s25: Nut Masters as scout - 2nd
UGC s23: BCP as scout - TBD

dont notice how i only play scout on these teams
Literally a perma-merc for every team

U pro
ubrdrgn: wuts the
ubrdrgn: size
ubrdrgn: of ur mousepad
new mouse :o: eh
new mouse :o: not sure
new mouse :o: its the medium size kind of mouse pad
new mouse :o: not the ones including the keyboard
new mouse :o: which i would like
new mouse :o: to have
ubrdrgn: mines like
ubrdrgn: 14inches by 9ish
ubrdrgn: a bit like my DICK

ubrdrgn: I cant hitscan
ubrdrgn: i use
ubrdrgn: dickscan
ubrdrgn: works everytime

things only get worse when they're about to happen or happening
tfw u start to succeed but everything gets thrown away and crumble into pieces becuase of external issues and u feel like everything u've done was worthless
All senses for happiness and taste of success turns into sorrow and bitterness
nothing comes together and works out

e d


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Mance @ EU 4 hours ago 
What ;w;
its cold bro 5 hours ago 
i like 👌more and even more when i put 👉 into 👌
drc @tokyo 15 hours ago 
do u like penis
its cold bro Dec 14 @ 12:33am 
is ok ez 2:0 ez win
G4vin Dec 13 @ 9:08am 
-rep runs lay on hands in 2017
its cold bro Dec 12 @ 5:08am