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Hello to the person/people viewing my profile right now!!!!

An insight to:
Who I am
My Education life
What I do

I am a teen who loves playing TF2 and mostly with great gamers.

I can speak 5 languages pretty fluently and my favouriate subjects are:


My main classes are:
1) Sniper
2) Spy
3) Scout .

My Best Friends on steam are:
ツ FAǤIT | ☿ Chaos ☿
1) Feel free to add me (You will be deleted and blocked for being an asshole).
2) If i have done good to you, don't hesistate to +rep me xD.
3) Challenge me to a sniper or spy duel at anytime
( If im busy, we will surely duel later).

1)Try to Scam or Shark me.
2)Try to Stalk or Blackmail me, cuz you'll be reported immediately
3) Beg for items, cuz unless your in the Best friend list above you've got no chance

I absolutely love trading and believe in mutual benefit.
Unusual Trading? Not yet, Maybe later.
I do not overpay for items, unless i Love it or you have a valid reason

Dream Items:
1) Strange pro ks aussie sniper rifle.
2) Strange pro ks aussie knife.
3)Stange pro ks aussie scattergun.
4) Max's severed head.

Live Long And Prosperous XD

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Where did amnesia go?
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+rep great trader ;)
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+rep we have a slow trade but this guy is really good to trade with (recommended)