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GhostPepes 15 października 2017 o 2:27 
it's too late for excuses, the Ronimo ape squad is on it's way to your house now.
GhostPepes 14 października 2017 o 7:17 
-rep, garbage player I'm going to call the Ronimo Police on you
*Click* 15 kwietnia 2017 o 2:41 
Did you know that you are in a TOP 20 AWESOMENAUTS PLAYERS :D!
yangkiru 6 listopada 2016 o 7:37 
stop search a match. i can't play it because u made a room
Heisenberg 21 lipca 2016 o 23:04 
Please go away from the game, your lag sucks ... toxic Player
i will afk 19 lipca 2016 o 13:52 
shut the fuck up onionrings, fucking casual trash