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Faby M2 4月15日 2時41分 
Did you know that you are in a TOP 20 AWESOMENAUTS PLAYERS :D!
yangkiru 2016年11月6日 7時37分 
stop search a match. i can't play it because u made a room
sad 2016年7月21日 23時04分 
Please go away from the game, your lag sucks ... toxic Player
i will afk 2016年7月19日 13時52分 
shut the fuck up onionrings, fucking casual trash
OnionRings <3 2016年7月19日 7時15分 
A sad excuse for a awesomenauts player, I cant begin to imagine what ur like as a person if u use poor quality internet to abuse lag to obnoxiously win games with lag. I pity you sir, I hope you learn to become a respectful person when u grow up.
ChanNao 2016年7月16日 6時16分