Ger   Overijssel, Netherlands
Comment before adding, And give me a reason for adding me,
Unless i know you or have talked in game with you before!
I also don't trade anymore. so don't bother adding me for trades.

I made my Profile pic myself.

I get really fukin hyped about Cheese
Just so you know
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:sticky:Real name: ^
:sticky:Gender: Male
:sticky:Fav color: Lime Green
:sticky:Fav. Game: Team fortress 2


Information about my status
:medicon:In Game: message me all you want i will read it later, i won't not read messages sometimes. Only when im trying to do stuff
:medicon:Online: Most of the time browsing in the store or somthing.
:medicon:Online📱: Again, message me all you want.
:medicon:Away:im not here.
:medicon:Busy: Im making homework or doing something important please dont bother me.
:medicon:Offline: there is not really anything to say.
:medicon:Snooze: my computer is on sleep, so yeah...


[Evil] Gizmodo : kill me once shame on you, kill me twice, well that doesnt happen -Germinemod

"I hope you find god and take the right path to good people" -Void 2017

they love to brag , but challenge them back and they are the ones to cry -Face Plants Inc

Anything is skilled when you kill someone with pizza in your mouth. -Germinedeer
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= ShadowReaper = Feb 21 @ 10:58am 
+++rep Gibus Snipers are annoying AF. Luckily, Germine's here to burn em to da ground :3
SaBo™ Feb 14 @ 9:26am 
+rep Pyromains are ennoying as hell 😐
Theluuu Feb 2 @ 7:29pm 
+rep if you wanna argue shit with him. hes best at it
Ivara Feb 1 @ 8:00am 
+rep good friend and kind person overall.
easy Jan 19 @ 5:30pm 
+rep i stalked you and killed you when you were stacked and didnt go off lmao
Ponyashko WINFORTUNE.CO Jan 5 @ 4:00am 
+rep. good player.