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Sleepy Ash,Rynn or msericorde,Cheshire and neko

i do watch anime,and play games if you wish to talk about it go ahead

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"A half moon, it has a dark half and a bright half, just like me…"

Did i ever tell you the definiton of insanity?

"Ahhh...Now you're happy. Silly cat...Mahiru made you feel good...Right? But C3 brings back bad memories. If Mahiru discovers the 'Incident'...Will he still trust you? Are you worried? Mahiru's still a rookie...Happy birthday! You contradict yourself. You keep it all inside. You poor, pathetic boy! While we're at C3...Wanna trash something? After all, we still really hate them! Am I right?"

-I forgot how to fly
The voices of the wailing ravens of darkness...-

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stop being such a fucking edgelord
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[Bot] Sebby : ''we can talk about this'' - gets smashed into oblivion
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sorry for bein rude, cya on the server
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The Chrone's Dome empowers you.
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Stop stealing my art you beasterd o3o
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Adding to talk about the unusual Halogen