Grim Reaper
Sometimes, a Viking is born who carries the spark of gods. "Raiders", we call them. It is a name that can summon armies. Ruthless, fearless, made for battle. The moment of a Viking's death is chosen by fate... so what use have they of armor, or of fear?

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Favourite lyrics from the song Undead by Hollywood Undead.

Look up and see that motherfuckin' writin' on the wall
When you see J3T thirty deep, he's down to brawl
Fuck all haters I see 'cause I hate that you breathe
I see you duck, you little punk, you little fucking disease

I got HU tatted on the front of my arms
The boulevard, brass knuckles in the back of the car
'Cause we drunk-drive Cadillacs, we never go far
But when you see us motherfuckers, better know who we are

I got one thing to say to punk-asses who hate
Motherfuckers don't know, but you better watch what you say
From these industry fucks to these faggot-ass punks
You don't know what it takes to get this motherfucking drunk

I'm already loud maybe, it's a little too late
Johnny's taking heads off of all faggots who hate
'Cause I'm a God, motherfucker, there's a price to pay
Yeah, I'm a God, motherfucker, and it's judgment day!

~ Johnny 3 Tears
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Hollywood Undead Soldier
I pledge alliegiance to the mask,
That I'll carry whiskey in my flask,
And anyone to diss HU,
I'll leave a bloody mess of you,
For we are family, you and I,
Three tears for you, we all shall cry,
All day, all night, our flags will fly,
The Undead Army Til the Day We Die.
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