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Jul 1, 2017 @ 12:48pm
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
Originally posted by qbicfeet:
Originally posted by mantidactyle:
qbicfeet was not saying how the card should be written, but why the reported card behavior was not a bug. If you want it to work, Psiclops should have the keyword "take" for the side owning BCM for BCM to trigger.

And yeah, I agree this is not very clear.
Exactly, the game considers the words "deal damage" and "take damage" as two separate actions. "Deal damage" requires a target (usually your opponent, but sometimes you), while "take damage" always targets you. BCM only ever cares about "take damage".

A "deal damage" action that is called by you and targets you is different from a "take damage" called by you.

Let's compare Paranoid Fish to Psiclops. Paranoid Fish uses the "deal" action during your opponents turn (BCM won't trigger) but the "take" action during your own (BCM will trigger). Psiclops always used "deal", hence why BCM won't work.

The deal damage VS take damage difference a bit confusing at first, but all the cards that make use of either follow the game's own rules consistently.

Yet, if in the same situation (you have most life, BCM and Psiclops activated) *you* play a card , the damage is redirected by BCM to the opponent, while by your logic Psiclops should never be affected by BCM. What I'm saying is that the outcome of the situation depends on who plays a card.

To clarify:
  • I have most life, opponent plays a card: Psiclops isn't affected by BCM and deals 1 dmg to me.
  • I have most life, I play a card: Psiclops is affected by BCM and deals 1 dmg to opponent.

Test it out in singleplayer.

Edit: Video for illustration, the action starts at 3:11
Note that Psiclops alternates between damaging me and the opponent.
Jul 1, 2017 @ 4:50am
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
Originally posted by ScouSin:
[...] 1 potato brings you 1 step closer to fatigue, which means even if you DO reach fatigue, it equals out at this point instead of being a drawback, since you only take 1 extra damage for reaching fatigue 1 turn earlier. [...]
Actually, the fatigue damage increases: 1st turn - 1 damage, 2nd turn - 2 damage, Nth turn - N damage, so it doesn't even out. Nevertheless, Potato is still the most powerful card in the game.
EDIT: apparently fatigue also removes your shield (if you have one) and deals damage

Originally posted by qbicfeet:
Originally posted by matmor:
Then Psiclops deals 1 damage to me.
That's because during your opponent's turn, Psiclops is dealing damage from their end, not self-damage from your end. I think it's working as intended.
I disagree. When, for example, Helios deals damage to your opponent during their turn, their BCM can't redirect the damage, because it's your card, and therefore you are dealing the damage to your opponent.

By the same logic, since Psiclops is (in the situation I described above) my card, I'm dealing damage to myself, and BCM should work.

Originally posted by Mickmane:
[...] Though it seems that most people are concerned with competitive decks and balance for that. In that light, I feel my thoughts on things are not very helpful. Sorry. :)
Don't be sorry! Your perspective on the game is as valid as anyone else's. I don't think anyone would mind if you discussed atmosphere, art, the image of the game... It's just that we (the "most people") like to talk about balance more, we (at least I) certainly don't think other things are worthless!

Wow, ScouSin, you are on to something. There are probably many amusing tricks with Portal World, Rainbow Ring, Passel and Disillusioned Snake (which now delays all activated cards on placement)

Trick I just discovered: Passel, RR, DS - you can play Disillusioned Snakes forever (or until the opponent fatigues or until the board is clogged up). Also, none of the opponent's cards can resolve while you're playing the Snakes.
Jul 1, 2017 @ 12:12am
In topic New unbeatable deck? Mass sustain
This deck is not "new" though. It appeared in early b01, before it was overcome by the then-overpowered damage on placement deck. Now that that deck was nerfed hard, it's no wonder it's making a comeback.

I actually just thought of the same thing as you, here's my fatigue deck, it's more designed to stall and not allow the opponent to resolve any cards successfully.
Jenny Bunny x2
Jenny Bunny X x1
Lean Boo x1
Bees x2
Idun x2
Razzle Dazzle x2
Tosca x1
Tosca X x1
Shop at Itan's x2
Queen Amelia X x1
Dumped X x1
Dumped x1
Dentist Maze x1
Ancient War x1
Ancient War X x1
That Guy x2
Blueprint x1
Rainbow Ring x1
Jun 30, 2017 @ 2:11pm
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
Originally posted by .pxl | Haku:
Effects like "Whenever you deal/heal" are working properly now, which means that it works with "damage dealt to player with most life" and with mana-damage and stuff like that.

I have tested it, and while other "damage dealt to player with most life" effects, work properly, there's a bug with Psiclops:
-I have the most life
-I have both BCM(X) and Psiclops on board activated
-Opponent plays a card

Then Psiclops deals 1 damage to me.
Jun 30, 2017 @ 1:12pm
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
  • That Guy and Metonym have 4 arrows (TG diagonal, Meto horizontal & vertical)
  • That Guy now heals player with the least life (instead of healing you)
  • Queen Amelia now gives 2 mana (instead of 2 life), QAX now removes 2 mana (instead of you taking 2 damage)
  • Disillusioned Snake now delays all active cards at placement
  • Jenny Tiger now takes 4 turns to resolve (from 2)
  • Dumped (not X) now has 3 arrows (from 1) and it takes 2 turns to resolve (from 4) Was it nonconductive before? I can't remember.
  • Psiclops now needs to be active to function
Jun 30, 2017 @ 12:51pm
In topic The card we deserve
Wow, Dumped X was nerfed pretty hard just now, what are we gonna do without our instant counter???
Jun 30, 2017 @ 7:37am
In topic The card we deserve
This is good, we need more "instant" counters! As I wrote previously, waiting 4 turns on the regular Dumped or even 2 turns on Dark Lord doesn't really cut it against some cards.

My idea:
Placement: Activate this card (timer is 1)
Resolve: Remove a card and discard a random card from your hand.
This card doesn't have any arrows.
Note that this is slightly better than Dumped X in that it can remove inactive cards, but it takes 1 turn to activate and discarding a random card is usually disadvantageous. And notice that I didn't choose "take X damage" as the disadvantage, as that "disadvantage" is IMO overused by the devs and makes the whole game revolve around BCM.
@.pxl | Haku: Thanks for the reply! Edited the original post accordingly.
Originally posted by .pxl | Haku:
--Prince Hingst, Horsegun
I love both of these. Here's a deck from b01 I was playing:
Both Horsegun-formation and giving the other player the prince are fun tactics imo.
Also, Idun is a fun removal card, I wonder if making it a common (3 copies allowed) would make it too powerful?
Oh, I didn't consider color switching!
In the image you posted, you played 5 cards (4 horse + rainbow ring) to do 6 damage. That is 1.2 damage/turn, not to mention you were lucky to draw the four right cards before the match ended (which happens very quickly now, see mantidactyle's post in Beta Update: Version b02). A lot of cards/combos can do better than that. Maybe you could add some more cards with the "Horse" tag?
Idun, while fine, is a bit on the weaker side. I don't think 3 copies would make it overpowered, you might want to try it out in the next patch!

Originally posted by .pxl | Haku:
--Hype Snake
I think it's fun. You got an activator card that jumps around the board, and you're almost always mad at him for jumping to all the bad spots (he doesn't care though, he's :woo::hype:).
Yeah, it's crazy fun, but I don't think adding 1-2 arrows would make it unfun, would it? :P

Originally posted by .pxl | Haku:
--The Biggest Fan
Might be bugged. I will investigate.
Placement is supposed to happen before linking, that way the arrows are removed before linking happens. So, you're not supposed to be able to activate other cards with it. The idéa is to silence him (he won't stop nagging me).

--Garden Gnome
Same as biggest fan, will double check if these cards work as intended.
Here you're supposed to be able to activate other cards, cuz when the non-conductivity hits, it's already been linked with and activated by other cards.
I didn't know silencing a card reverses arrow loss. We should already make a wikipedia of silly and not-so-silly tricks in CCN2!
I think there's no need for fixing it, it works properly: Both cards activate the other cards if they are the third connected card. Neither does if it isn't the third connected card. (And then The Biggest Fan activates itself)
I'm removing TBF, but not Garden Gnome. Playing a silencing a card definitely isn't worth it to have a "connector" that lasts just 3 turns (just 1 turn longer than Bob's Ship).

Originally posted by .pxl | Haku:
--Incredibly Ugly Statues
You can't move them off of your lawn, no matter how hard you try. (Ok, I guess an Alpha Strike will do the trick.)
Blocking the opponent isn't worth so much effort. As I said, one might as well play Golden Frog and hope the opponent has an Apathetic Frog deck.


Oh, I tested a bit and realized that in the text on Fishbun '... transform this card into Fishbun Pileup and remove it.', "it" doesn't refer to the Fishbun (Pileup after the transformation) card itself (meaning it would remove itself after the transformation, making it useless), but to the card that was played and triggered the effect.
This is ambiguous IMO. You might want to reword Fishbun.
Jun 29, 2017 @ 10:41pm
In topic My thoughts (placement is OP)
@rileywearies: Yeah, I don't think On Placement is OP after the b02 nerf. Unless you count BCM/Simulacrum X combos or Helios as On Placement.
Mana decks: Yeah, there are only 2 mana gaining cards. For a similar theme, you're better off playing a wand deck with Gunnel Vision (although it's also not competitive in any form).

Edit: I wonder, why don't you have Tosca X in your deck? It's good if you play arrowless cards after it.
Also, Ancient War X (0 arrows) + Jenny Lemon (2 arrows) seems like a good combo.
@Bedinsis: Exactly, and that's why Bob's Ship et al. are strictly better (as they can activate in a 3 card combo as well)
@Bedinsis: I guess that while I myself wouldn't play it, it's not useless. I'll remove it from this way too lengthy list.

Edit: I meant Iji
Jun 29, 2017 @ 9:56am
In topic What I love and Dislike about the update
I wouldn't say Helios or That Guy didn't get nerfed at all
-Helios got his +1 duration, you can circumvent the activation by Passel/Key X
-That Guy's disadvantage is triggered rarely, as you can put it into a corner with just 1 arrow sticking out. Also, That Guy is now tremendously good with Simulacrum X or Business Casual Man (X).
Edit: Princess Remedy got buffed too. Now it heals 3 instead of 2.
We have talked enough of the cards we love and hate; both of those types tend to be powerful/overpowered cards. But, I think, a discussion on the cards we ignore would also be very valuable to the developers.

So, I'm presenting a list of top 27 cards that cause players' eyes to glaze over invariably. (IMO)
Feel free to bring up the cards you think should (not) be here...

>>Section 1: Effect is too weak (relative to time to resolution): Yes, the single player campaign should probably have some sort of card power progression, but it would be bad for the later stages of SP and for MP if there were very few actually playable cards.

-Dynamite: Somewat useful only in the currently OP self-damage deck, take a long time to resolve, meanwhile BCM may be countered by a shrewd opponent to nullify the effect. Also: I think you (the devs) should find another way to create a disadvantage than dealing damage to oneself, so that everything doesn't hinge on BCM et al.
-Flip Hero: *
-Mama and Son: *
-Nuna: *
-Oh!: *
-Slime: *
-Stick: *
-Saturnus: *, **
-Sam: *, **
-Motor Man: Mana sources are scarce (slightly less as of b03), and this card deals only 1 dmg per 2 tokens. To add insult to the injury, it is not guaranteed to attack your opponent.
-Horsegun: Clearly, to be worth it, you need to have at least one on the board, while playing (and activating) the other, to do dmg and put a copy in the deck. The issue is that there are only 3 copies, and they can be shuffled far apart. (Also, no other cards with the "Horse" tag exist)
-Heroism X: Too few (2) Ittle cards exist.
-Jealous Chest: You have to draw the card itself and an unlocking card before play, 2 turns for setup, 4 turns for activation. This very elaborate and delicate combo will most likely be countered easily.
-Aya: **
-Dark Lord: The opponent will activate any important inactivated cards in 2 turns.

*) also qualifies for too few arrows
**) Look at your own/opponent's deck cards are rather weak even after the buff. While they do provide enough information, with 5 random cards in your hand (that typically are specialized for some specific use), you don't have much of a choice over what to do. You can counter the opponent's cards only when they have already been played, because if you set up a counter for a card in their hand, they will simply play other cards (and they know what card's you've seen). Maybe cards that can put a specific card in your hand from deck would help.

>>Section 2: Too few arrows: I know, it should be a bit challenging to make a combo, but these cards can in practice only be played where they're immediately activated, otherwise they're blocked by the opponent at no cost. If you happen to draw these when you don't have the appropriate setup, too bad. (Also, they aren't powerful enough for activation by another card's effect to be worth it)

-Jenny Frog: (also, 2 turns to deal 1 dmg)
-Hype Snake: I think it's supposed to be an unblockable card activator? 1 arrow...
-Safety Jenny: 4 arrows, Raft is strictly better, you can play many better cards with the "Jenny" keyword (for Jenny Lemon)

>>Section 3: ??? I seriously don't understand these cards, please enlighten me?

-Life preserver X: Usable only as connector, Space Nörd X is better for that and without drawback. The ability is a joke?

-Beautiful Creatures: Bob's Ship is strictly better except in self-damaging decks, where it still deals 1 damage, which is a poor use of a turn.

-Garden Gnome: Also strictly worse than Bob's Ship, as it conducts for 1 turn only (hey, what about cards that re-conduct nonconductive cards/prevent them from losing arrows in the first place?)

-Incredibly Ugly Statues: Might as well play Golden Ap. Frog if I want to just block a space?

TL;DR - Cards that need buffing; discuss
EDIT: removed Iji (see Bedinsis's post)
removed Centurion Turnip, Prince Hingst, The Biggest Fan (see .pxl | Haku's post)
removed Fishbun (see my post)
removed Jenny Blueberry, as now I see that it can be used as a connector, like Blueprint
reorganized the post to reflect the removal of many items

As of beta03, Dumped and Disillusioned Snake no longer belong here. Thank you for reading this, Haku!
Jun 29, 2017 @ 3:36am
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
Originally posted by ScouSin:
[...] Here is the deck I ran today, which was able to beat a Business Casual Man deck with a high consistency (not the deck of the poster above me):

Rainbow Ring x1
Dark Lord X x1
Cyber Jenny x1
Dumped X x1
Portal World x1
Passel x1
Cruiser Tetron x2
Final Brutus x2
Potato x2
Jenny Flower x2
Fire Mace x2
Jenny Fox x2
Helios x2
Cardplaya x2
Princess Remedy x2
I think that self-damaging is still OP, and perhaps more than in b01. I don't doubt your skill in any way, but to me, it seems like a bold claim that the deck above can beat a good BCM deck consistently, as those decks frequently win very quickly; the fastest I've seen is 6 turns.

Originally posted by Bedinsis:
Before this update rolled out I also disliked how Business Casual Men + self-harm on placement cards could entirely dominate. Since you've tried to address our concerns [...]
The update was mostly addressing the formerly dominant "burn" (damage on placement) deck. Self-damaging decks weren't nerfed in any meaningful way, in fact, I'd argue they were buffed.
Jun 28, 2017 @ 12:31pm
In topic Role Reversal in a nutshell
@Etherdreamer: It seems to work properly for me:

Business Casual Man (X) + Plasma Hydra: opponent takes 1 damage, then 2 dmg
Business Casual Man (X) + Metonym: Placement - opponent takes 2 dmg; resolution - opponent takes 1 dmg
Jun 28, 2017 @ 11:25am
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
The dominant strategy right now seems to be BCM(X) + SimulacrumX.
Notably the tweaking of That Guy and Metonym has madd this strategy significantly better.

So far (with the aforementioned deck), I've drawn twice (Plasma Hydra saves the day) and KO'ed my opponents very quickly (7 turns?) twice with lots of health left.

Edit: An opponent adjusted his deck to include BCM(X) too and beat me.
Ok, but then BCM is badly worded/explained. It says: " would deal damage to yourself..." and it activates with cards that make you "take X damage", but not with cards that "deal X damage to the player with most life (you)". None of the cards' explanatory texts clarify this.
This needs a fix nonetheless.
Fair warning to all: Psiclops + BCM(X) *don't* combo together. I learned the hard way.
At least until it's fixed, I submitted a bug report.
right now I'm in a bizzare match - both of us have spy only decks, so we're playing only with each other's colors.
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