Salty Banana
HAGEL HIT- *cough cough* HAGEL COMBINE   Istanbul, Turkey
if you gonna read this you are an FOOL and gonna waste your time so read if you want

Half-Life .....I Mean Hay-layf is my second favorite game serie

I hate Overwatch and all RPG games(well some of them not all) Mınecraft Cs:GO Gta 5 Assasin Creed and BULLSHIT DAMN ANIMEs

Im good at Demoman and Pyro (FIREBALL!)

I accualy like to play games alone but if you wanna play with me (I KNOW SOME OF YOU GOT A DIRTY MIND) you can I feel a bit lonely doh

Well I care about games more then other things

and a fan of Undertale Gta San Andreas MORTAL KOMBAT! Half-li- *cough* Hay-Layf Team fortress 2 and My favorite Game CRASH BANDICOOT God father (PS 2 version) Mount and Blade Warband (AS BAYRAKLARI AS AS AS) Far Cry 3 GOD OF WAR! and Call Of Duty Series even know the story is bad but Call of duty was the first game I played and when I played I was 5 years old so Call of Duty got another place in my heart and Watch Dogs serie and it was not so bad game the first game was realy good to me Cause Adrian was like batman and I like batman ghraphics was so good and the game was more realistic then Gta 5 and camon when they said HACKING what you waited for what was the hack system in your mind? I think Watch dogs is a good game to me and Journey problaby the one of the Best Game I played IT WAS JUST SO FREAKING GOOD but it was too short and Im fan of Resindent Evil too ppl said Resindent evil 6 sucks but I like action games and so I like it İf they change the name that would be better but I hate Resindent evil as a Fanboy and Im a huge Fan Of-- ITS A MEEEHHHH WWAH HA HEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........ITS I THE WAHULIGI

and....HAGEL HIT- *cough cough* HAGEL COMBINE
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