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I see you found my profile how about you stay if you would like.:os_pancakes:
Im a pretty friendly person unless im memeing or i dont like you..

Best thing known to man kind

My and my friends going down to 2fort to kill some f2p
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Extra shit to know about me
Some good info
Other names: Wedabus,Scp-001,Sniper main,Niko
Likes:Games,Scp-999,Sweets,jokes, and Niko (clearly)
Dislikes:Puns (unless they are good ones), salty player, W+m1 Pyros,Last when he's a spy,Too op thing's.

IMPORTANT NOTE If im in a game and i dont respond i most likely doing one of these things.
1:In the middle of a fight
2:Afking in game
3:I did not notice or im too focused im my game.
4:Some how i fell asleep with a game open.

I make anyone SFM artwork just it wont be good cuz im not that good at it.(check artwork page to see).
For the artwork to be done you must tell me the following: class,hats,weapons,map,unusual effect( if you want one).

More info about me
I like to mainly play tf2 and gmod. On gmod i like to play breach with last man alive. Im a sniper main but cant hit a standing still heavy. i'm very good at scout tho and only go him when i know sniper is not needed or there is too many of them. I like Niko clearly from the game Oneshot.I'm not a furry just for liking a cat human like thing idk really

Saying Nico Nico nii is not funny anymore. I've heard it many times now try to be creative.Im a bad Sfm animator.All the art work i have are mine.My aim in tf2 is okish but in other games my aim becomes godly. I like stealth,RPG,and FPS like game's.The type of music i listen to is random i just listen to what even sounds good. I REALLY like guitar music not country tho.Im also starting to learn how to unity and blender to make my own game and for people who dont know what those programes are. Look it up Do you want to see a very bad 3 video youtube channel then look up Wedabus because idk really.

Also if your asking me if i want thing (you know who you are friends) i wont say i want anything because im the not type of person to ask for random shit.

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buying your war paint, paying your listed price add becuse a proublam!
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If anyone knows me they most likely know you and probably know why