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Tweety Bird CS.MONEY Jan 4 @ 12:02pm 
atleast im not always commenting on sombodys profile because you are salty
Tweety Bird CS.MONEY Jan 4 @ 12:01pm 
your iq drops because your dumb
YT DizzyTheGamer Jan 3 @ 5:00pm 
scammers dont get banned damn im done everytime i read what you type my IQ drops a little lower. You zero common sense which explains why you troll in video games.
Tweety Bird CS.MONEY Jan 3 @ 4:37pm 
lol no one ever gets banned that way lol ive reported 20 attempted scammers and none of them have gotten ban
YT DizzyTheGamer Jan 3 @ 4:13pm 
might want to check my profile for valve's new perma ban policy on griefing don't want to hear you crying on forums after your account is gone like the other trolls i got banned lol
YT DizzyTheGamer Jan 3 @ 4:12pm 
my screenshot says different shows how bad all 4 of you kids are lol thanks for voting me after i carried you troll trying to stay s1 on this acct you are so easily manipulated even when i don't talk and have you muted you still rage at being bad and carried ROFL